Tools for development of interactive web-based maps: application in healthcare

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Konference WSCG'2019 - 27. International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2019
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WWW WSCG 2019 Proceedings – Part II
Klíčová slova medical equipment;data analysis;map visualisation;healthcare;Czech Republic
Popis Interactive visualisations on the Internet have become commonplace in recent years. Based on such publicly available visualisations, users can obtain information from various domains quickly and easily. A locationspecific method of data presentation can be much more effective using map visualisation than using traditional methods of data visualisation, such as tables or graphs. This paper presents one of the possible ways of creating map visualisations in a modern web environment. In particular, we introduce the technologies used in our case together with their detailed configuration. This description can then serve as a guide for the customisation of the server environment and application settings so that it is easy to create the described type of visualisation outputs. Together with this manual, specific cases are presented on the example of an application which was developed to display the location of medical equipment in the Czech Republic based on data collected from healthcare providers.