International Congress of Medical Sciences

The 20th edition of the ICMS will take place between 12th and 15th of May in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are looking for passionate, eager to learn and grow young scientists! Registration is open!
Abstract Submission Deadline: 11.03.2022

2. 3. 2022

This year’s edition of ICMS will be held both online and in-person in Medical University of Sofia.

By participating in the congress you have the opportunity to:

  • Present your scientific research and a chance for winning 500euro prize
  • Improve your practical skills through online workshops
  • Listen to the Keynote Lectures of the leading researchers in the world and hear about their breakthrough discoveries
  • Attend the social program and expand your social network by online meeting with other passionate healthcare students!
  • Participate in our Clinical Competition

The scientific program of ICMS is composed of four main topics - Preclinical sciences, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Public Health. We accept abstracts until 11th of March.

To see the other opportunities we offer you and to register, please follow the link:

Also follow our FB page and IG profile for latest updates.

If you have any inquiries – do not hesitate to contact:

Nia Nenova
2 Zdrave street, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

International Congress of Medical Sciences

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