Hepatocellular carcinoma treated with transarterial chemoembolization in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic liver retrospective analysis



Rok publikování 2020
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Popis Purpose To compare results of hepatocellular carcinoma treatment with transarterial chemoembolization and identify prognostic factors affecting survival. Material and methods Retrospective analysis of patients with HCC treated with TACE in tertially referal hospital in 2005-2018. Based on the presence of the chronic liver disease were patient divided in two groups (with and without chronic liver disease). In each group were on CT/MRI before initial TACE evaluated and statistically analysed (survival log rank test, uni and multivariate analysis) dedicated prognostic factors (one or more lesion, size of the biggest lesion, uni or bilobar disease, portal vein trombosis). Results In the analysis were included 122 patients (18% females, avg 66 years) with known chronic liver disease and 35 patients (16.7% females, avg. 66 years) without known liver disease. Although the biggest lesion was significantly bigger in patients without chronic liver disease (median 11.0 vs 6.0 cm, p=0,001), the survival rate from 1.TACE was higher in this group (median 35.3 vs 20.0 months, p=0,078), any other evaluated risk factors except the presence of chronic liver disease were significantly different. The most important survival risk factor except the chronic liver disease was in both groups the size of the lesion (HR 1.264/cm vs 1.125/cm) and bilobar involvement (HR 5.576 vs 2.257), in addition, in chronic liver disease also portal vein thrombosis (HR 3.279). Conclusion Better survival rate was observed in HCC in liver without chronic disease, although the lesions were significantly larger. The most important risk factor in this group was bilobar involvement and the size of the biggest lesion.
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