Clinical Practice Guideline on Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Adolopment of Five Guidelines’ Recommendations

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Rok publikování 2021
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Popis Background The Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) Project of the Czech Health Research Council is to support development of 40 CPGs at least. One of the approved guidelines focuses on diabetic foot ulcer (DFU). Objective The objective of this work is to present the adolopment of the DFU guideline and its methodological aspects. Methods At first, PICO questions were developed to define the content of the CPG on DFU. Secondly, a thorough literature search of existing guidelines was conducted in January 2020, when 11 databases were searched, web pages of organizations (45) and professional societies (15) that develop CPGs. Selected guidelines were assessed for quality by AGREE II. Majority of recommendations were adapted using ADAPTE approach. In case of three recommendations with insufficient evidence (hyperbaroxyc oxygen (HBO) therapy, autologuous cells (AC) therapy and low pressure therapy), an adolopment took place. Results In total, 34 prospective guidelines were identified, eight of them were assessed (by two clinitians and two methodologists) for quality. Their overall scores (domains 1–6) ranged from 62 % to 82 %. The CPG with the lowest score was excluded with threshold 66 %. Two CPGs were excluded because their content was covered in other CPGs. Finally, five guidelines were included. In order to get more information on HBO, AC and low pressure therapies, three umbrella reviews were developed. Discussion A high-quality international DFU guideline has been identified as a main source for adolopment. However, more CPGs and evidence were needed to cover the DFU issue in a complex way.
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