Successful AZV projects

The Ministry of Health has already announced the result of a one-stage public competition in research, experimental development and innovation for the years 2022-2025 for special-purpose support for medical research and development projects.

4 Mar 2022

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These projects from our consortium were recommended for financing:


PI: Milan Brázdil

Project: The role of neurodegeneration in pathogenesis, manifestations and prognosis of MTLE/HS - in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro perspective


PI: Ivan Rektor

Project: Neurobiological and psychological markers of reaction to extreme stress and its impact on offspring - three generation study of holocaust survivors and their offspring


PI: Josef Bednařík

Project: Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging parameters as predictors of outcome of non-myelopathic degenerative cervical cord compression: a longitudinal study


PI: Luboš Brabenec

Project: Home-based non-invasive brain stimulation in combination with Lee Silverman Voice Treatment on hypokinetic dysarthria in Parkinson’s disease


PI: Tomáš Bárta

Project: Application of retinal cells and organoids in functional diagnostics and treatment of vision loss in Bardet-Biedl syndrome


PI: Jan Cimbálník

Project: Enhanced pre-surgical evaluation in drug-resistant epilepsy using machine/deep learning models


PI: Miroslav Světlák

Project: The effectiveness of mobile-based psychological eHealth interventions in reducing psychological distress and preventing stress-related changes in psycho-neuroendocrine-immune network in breast cancer survivors with completed adjuvant chemotherapy


Congratulations to all!

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