About MEDshop

It carries a range of mainly professional clothing that you will need in apprenticeships, laboratories and all places where you are preparing for your future profession. In addition we bring you an assortment of leisure clothing and accessories, which you can use, for example, in competitions between universities, but it will also definitely be pleasant to wear in lectures and practical lessons. 

Our goal is to offer you products of excellent quality at reasonable prices. The professional clothing is made of heavyweight 100% cotton, meeting the strict standards of clothing for healthcare professionals. The T-shirts and the sweatshirts for casual wear were prepared for you from a very pleasant mixed-knit, which will allow you a large range of motion.

And what is important - all the products in MEDshop were made in the Czech Republic, in our region. And because we are a medical faculty and we have a heart in the right place, our suppliers are sheltered workshops, cooperatives of the disabled, and social enterprises. Therefore, when you purchase in MEDshop, you can proudly subscribe to the motto:

"Wherever I go, I help."

Who are our suppliers?

Sheltered workshops give work to people with disabilities. Thanks to the inclusion in the work process, people with disabilities can be well integrated into everyday life, not just working life. For many of them, the fact that they are doing something useful and necessary for the outside world is a driving force not only at work but also at home.

Every T-shirt, every hoodie is made with love and the utmost care. The sheltered workshops like to say that the handicap the employees have is not a barrier to quality work, quite the opposite. A disability gives employees the opportunity to leave a piece of themselves, a piece of their heart, in every piece.

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