The support of effective cooperation of biomedicine disciplines
Masaryk University and BUT Brno with the application sector participation 2009 - 2012

Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme
Priority Axis: Tertiary Education, Research and Development     Area of Support: Partnership and networks

About project

Our project “Support of efficient cooperation between biomedical disciplines at Masaryk University and the University of Technology with participation from the application sphere - University Hospital Brno and Roche Diagnostics Division” is being solved within the bounds of the Education for Competitiveness operational program.
Based on its orientation and objectives, this project falls within the second priority axis, entitled “Tertiary education, research and development” and supports the area of “University education, partnership, and networks”.
This project specification also determines the choice of our partners and the orientation of the project's management team.
Masaryk University is the recipient of the financial support, the Department of Laboratory Methods of the Faculty of Medicine is the author and co-coordinator of the project.

The Faculty of Science of Masaryk University, located on the premises of the new university campus, is a partner in the project within the bounds of its teaching activities and extensive basic and applied research.

The last member of the trio of educational institutions is the Brno University of Technology and its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, specifically the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The application sphere is represented in the project by University Hospital Brno, the second largest medical institution of its kind in the Czech Republic, namely the Department of Clinical Biochemistry.

Contact with the private sector is represented by the Roche company through the Diagnostics Division of the Czech affiliated branch in Prague.

This combination of partners is optimal with regards to the purpose and objectives of the project. It improves and optimizes university education in biomedical disciplines and ensures the involvement of the state and the private sector.

The most important tools for the achievement of the set objectives are primarily the implementation of mutual multilateral communication among all partners in the project, exchange of information about progressive and successful forms of instruction, and providing knowledge of the current needs and demands of the application sphere.

The global objective is increasing the competitiveness of graduates in practical life as well as enhancement of their readiness, creativity and adaptability.

The common denominator of the project is instruction in biomedical disciplines and their successful application in practice.
At the Faculty of Medicine, this includes instruction in the bachelor’s program of Medical Technician, at the Faculty of Science the bachelor’s and master’s program of Analytical and Applied Biochemistry, and at the Brno University of Technology, the project covers the bachelor’s and master’s program of Biomedical Engineering.

The target groups of the project are the students and teaching staff of the mentioned biomedical disciplines.

The key activities of the project are:

  • First - Establishing efficient forms of informal communication and exchange of information for the purpose of improving university education.
  • Second - involvement of the practical application sphere in the instruction, with the aim of increasing the graduates’ readiness to meet the current reality and demands of practice.

The first key activity is realized primarily on the academic premises of the three above-mentioned faculties.

The application sphere in the project is represented by University Hospital Brno and the Roche Diagnostics Division.
Five years ago, these two subjects entered into a strategic partnership; therefore, their activities within the bounds of the project can be developed comprehensively and in synergy.

University Hospital Brno serves as a teaching base for practical training of medical students and students of other non-medical health-care disciplines, for example medical technicians.
It can offer practical insight into a large Department of Clinical Biochemistry.

The students can see in practice:
Preanalytic, analytic, and postanalytic processes with a high degree of automation.
Different automatic analytic systems, immunochemistry analyzers, total automation of urine analysis, special analytical techniques such as atomic absorption spectrometry, different separation techniques, and so on.

Here are some examples of other practical topics:
Human resource policy in the laboratory;
Quality management system in the laboratory;
Financial processes in the laboratory;
Consolidation and centralization of laboratories;
Internal and external quality control system;
Interpretation of biochemical findings;
Laboratory and hospital information system;
POCT (point-of-care testing).  

Students are welcome at the Roche Ltd. Diagnostics Division in Prague.
During one-day fellowships in Roche’s Prague office, the participants can get to know the activities of the different sections of the office in practice.
For example:
Professional Diagnostics
Marketing Division
Sales Division
Quality Control System
Public Relations
Medical Marketing
Assay Marketing
The activities of the Logistic division  and technical services

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This project is co financed by European Social Fund and Czech Republic State Budget.