How does the counselling work?

We strive for completely individual and professional counselling based on our experience, but above all on evidence-based medicine. Our approach is based on up-to-date research and we try to follow the latest recommended practices in various fields.

We will try not to prescribe any diets for you, but rather teach you how to work with food. Our goal is that you will no longer need a dietitian.

  • Thorough medical history

    Before you receive any recommendations from us, we will talk to you thoroughly and find out all the circumstances that may be affecting your health and lifestyle. Especially if your problem requires a longer collaboration, it is advisable to start with an initial appointment, during which we will look at your complete medical history, from your personal details, through your health condition, the medications you are taking, your previous experience with dietary modification, etc.

    If you have medical reports or test results related to your current health or dietary restrictions, be sure to bring them with you to the appointment.

  • Nutritional status assessment

    In most cases, a necessary part of the appointment is the measurement of height and weight, body circumference and body composition, for which we use the InBody device. This measurement is not only needed in the therapy of obesity, but also in many other cases where nutritional status needs to be monitored (e.g. gastrointestinal problems, elimination diets, etc.).

    The measurements provided during the appointment are already included in the price.

  • Food record

    Often, we will also need a record of your current diet so that we can match the proposed changes to your current lifestyle. It is therefore a good idea to bring a 5-7 day long record of your diet and physical activity, if applicable, to your initial meeting. You can find out how to keep a good record in the leaflet linked below

    Food record instructions

    You can use a paper form to keep a record, or you can help us greatly by using the NutriData app, which is linked to our nutritional software and is free for you to use. The app is unfortunately in Czech only.

    NutriData app Food record form

  • Regular meetings

    Depending on your difficulties, a one-off consultation may be sufficient, or we may need to meet repeatedly over a longer period of time, during which we will gradually adjust your food choices to match your lifestyle, while meeting your nutrient needs and dietary restrictions.

Dietary restrictions

Has your doctor prescribed a special diet that requires you to omit a staple food or completely modify your diet? Such situations can occur with certain illnesses and after surgical procedures, etc. We can help you with how to transition to a new diet, advise you on which foods to choose and which to avoid, and focus on preventing the various nutritional deficiencies that can occur with some dietary restrictions.

Is the situation completely new to you? Schedule an initial appointment, bring your medical reports with you, and let us know what dietary restrictions are involved in your case.

Do you just need a counsel on your food choices? Then a one-off appointment may be enough, and we will arrange further cooperation if necessary.

Food allergies and intolerances

Are you seeing an allergist and have you been diagnosed with a food allergy (allergy to cow's milk protein, eggs, fish, soy, nuts and other allergens) or intolerance (lactose intolerance, celiac disease)? Do you need advice on what your diet should look like now, what to avoid, how to replace foods that you have to leave out of your diet? How to prepare new dishes? Come to our counselling office and we will discuss everything thoroughly. Make an appointment for an initial appointment, bring your medical reports with you and let us know what type of allergy or intolerance you have before the appointment.

Weight reduction

Not satisfied with your body weight? Have you gained weight, are you overweight or even obese, or do you have related diseases such as type 2 diabetes? We will advise you on how to effectively, healthily and permanently reduce excess body weight and especially how to reduce body fat instead of muscle mass. We will verify the reduction by means of a body composition analysis, for which we use the InBody device. We will work with you to find the best way for you and help you adjust your diet and exercise to adjust your weight and overall health. We will be your supervisor, but also a partner in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss usually requires a longer and more comprehensive collaboration, so please book an initial appointment first, which is longer and will allow us to get all the information we will need for a successful treatment. Please also bring your medical reports with you so that we can get a complete picture of your current health.

Healthy lifestyle

Do you have no significant weight problems or dietary restrictions? Even if you don't, you may benefit from a visit to our counselling office. We will pass on our experience and knowledge in the field of healthy lifestyle. If you want to discuss what you are interested in and find answers to your questions about nutrition and healthy living, book a one-off appointment and we will look forward to seeing you. You can also bring your food record to this appointment and we can talk over it to see what you are doing right and where there may be room for improvement. However, long-term cooperation is also possible in this area - it depends on your needs. You can indicate them to us in the notes when booking the apointment.

Online counselling

Personal contact is irreplaceable in dietetics and we always prefer a personal counselling, because during that we can take the necessary measurements and better communicate about your problems. In some situations, however, online counselling may be sufficient or may facilitate our connection:

  • you are not from Brno and you are not able to visit us regularly
  • we have already seen each other in person and will only contact you for a follow-up
  • you have only a few specific questions and a conversation without measurements is sufficient
  • Book your appointment

    Choose a date in our booking system or contact us by email or phone. When booking, please indicate that you would like to make the consultation online.

    Book an appointment

  • Pay the counselling

    After booking the appointment, pay for the counselling in the MU Shopping Centre. Please note that the payment must be made at least 3 days before the booked appointment. The consultation can only take place if the payment is registered in the system.

    I want to pay

  • Connect

    Once your payment is credited, we'll send you a link to a call in the MS Teams app to connect with you. Please set aside the time you need for the call and find a quiet place where you will have a stable internet connection.

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