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E-Learning Preparatory Courses

of Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Medical Faculty of Masaryk University offers three E-learning preparatory courses for students who intend to study General Medicine, Dentistry or Physiotherapy in English language.

The goals of the courses

  • revising secondary school knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • practicing answering skills essential for success at the entrance examination

Description of the courses

  • each course consists of several units (see the course contents) in which theoretical backgrounds needed for understanding the given topic are specified
  • each unit contains a short test providing feedback on partial knowledge, a discussion group serving as space for participants’ communication with both their colleagues and tutors
  • individual courses are concluded with final tests similar to the actual entrance tests; its score informs about participants’ chance to pass the entrance exam

Each course costs 100 Euro and can be purchased online as separate items. Courses are available to purchase from November 1st 2018 to July 21st 2019 and open until September 15th 2019.

All participants will receive a password to the university online system after the payment.

E-learning preparatory courses

Click on:

Course content (.pdf)
Course content (.pdf)
Course content (.pdf)


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