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Pregraduation practices at Liverpool hospital

  • an offer to do the internship of Surgery and / or Internal Medicine at Whiston hospital, Liverpool during autumn semesters
  • available for 6th (final) Year students of General Medicine programme
  • It is also possible to undertake Pediatrics internship; however, only with a combination of Surgery and / or Internal Medicine
  • for being nominated, you have to sign up for a nomination process; the compulsory part of the application is a 300-500-word motivation letter (instructions about the process will be sent via email); your position in the rank of applicants will be influenced by your study average and the quality of the motivation letter
  • the hospital offers placement for 8 students
  • the internships will be recognized as VLVL11Xpp Internal Medicine – Pregraduation Practice, VLCH11Xpp Surgery – Pregraduation Practice, and VLPD11Xpp Pediatrics - Pregraduation Practice
  • the internship must administrated under a mobility programme; you can get some financial support from Freemover mobility programme (in case you will undertake only one of the internships) or Erasmus+ traineeship (in case you will undertake both of the internships)
  • as a UK citizen or if the UK is your home country, you are not entitled to receive the financial support; your internship must be administrated under Freemover mobility programme

Application (.doc)
Guide for Pregraduation Practices Abroad


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