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SIMU is the most up-to-date simulation centre in Central Europe and offers a realistic hospital environment for teaching. On the ground floor, there is an emergency room with an outdoor simulation area and a fully equipped emergency vehicle. On the upper floors, there are operation theatres, a delivery room, intensive care units, standard rooms and rooms for teaching via virtual 3D simulations. There is also a teaching and seminar area with lecture rooms and classrooms. A heliport is located on the roof of the building. SIMU is equipped with real medical equipment, simulators, and teaching models.


In SIMU, students encounter a full range of simulation medicine methods. From low-fidelity computer simulations, so-called virtual patients, through manual skills training simulators, to advanced patient simulators. A wide range of sophisticated scenarios for high-fidelity simulations combined with the realistic environment of the centre allows practising soft skills (communication with the patient, teamwork or the process of diagnosis and treatment). Theoretical teaching also takes an unconventional form in SIMU. The lecturers use collaborative learning methods, where students learn through mutual discussion or in simulated actions. The lecturer becomes a partner in discussion, where critical thinking and decision-making skills are developed together.


This five-story student hospital is loaded with healthcare and simulation devices and accompanied by one of the largest and best-trained teams in the field. It is under the guidance of this team that students will get right in action and experience what they would formerly have experienced only after several years of studies or in medical practice. All academic, technical and operational needs are provided by teams from two departments of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, the Department of Simulation Medicine and the Simulation Centre. They complement each other and together form the SIMU. Are you interested in a career at SIMU? Contact us and arrange a meeting. Working for SIMU is a challenge that matters!


SIMU offers a wide range of simulators, from teaching models, simple trainers as well as simulators of high and low fidelity. There are advanced patient simulators of babies, children, adults and seniors, creating an entire SIMU family so students can experience patient care at any age. The list is really rich, in SIMU you will find for example advanced patient simulators of children and adults, a geriatric nursing model, pregnant women or newborn simulator, an incubator, an artificial respiratory support simulator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) simulators or an ultrasound simulator. In SIMU there are also 70 advanced simulators for teaching dentistry.

SIMU in numbers


  • More than 380 000

    student lessons in academic year

  • 360+

    student lecturers

  • 8850

    teaching lessons in academic year

  • 190

    subjects taught 

  • 100+

    course runs

  • 1000+

    course participants

Technical equipment

  • 24

    patient simulators

  • 14

    3D virtual simulators

  • 7

    debriefing rooms

  • 12

    stations for high-fidelity simulations

  • 48

    resuscitation trainers

  • 50

    cameras for video debriefing

Building background

  • 162 042

    meters of network cabling Cat7 síťové kabeláže Cat7

  • 5

    servers with a total of 1536 GB of memory 1536 GB paměti

  • 402

    simulation devices in a computer network


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