First-aid simulation course

On Sunday, 9 December 2018, Bohunice University Campus held already the 7th First Aid Simulation Course. The event was intended for students of all years of General Medicine and was organized in cooperation with the Brno branch of IFMSA CZ student organization.

24 Oct 2018

The whole course was divided into two parts. Each part was designed for 15 medics in total. The lecturers had prepared no fewer than five interesting situations for their colleagues during the autumn.

Ten lecturers from various years of General Medicine firstly got through a series of preparatory workshops, such as a first aid or debriefing workshop. Afterward, they designed and worked out a total of five different simulations to be solved by mixed three-member teams. To solve the situation, their colleagues have no more than 5 minutes and a fully equipped car first aid kit at hand. The aim is to provide first aid to the fellow student in difficulty and to try to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. It is followed by a 15-minute structured debriefing during which the students discuss the given procedure and try individual steps in practice.

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