The first semester of teaching First Aid in SIMU

The last training of First Aid took place in mid-January. Students of General Medicine and Dentistry of Czech and English programs completed this training for the first time in this academic year at SIMU.

29 Jan 2021

" Before each training students had to study the assigned topics from the newly prepared First Aid e-learning, which contains not only theory but also illustrative photographs, video demonstrations and algorithms of good practices, interactive questions or links to interactive algorithms of Akutně.cz. Then we verified our knowledge in a test which we had to pass before attending the training,” describes Tereza Prokopová from the team of First Aid methodologists.

Student lecturers from the Student as Teacher program participated in the teaching of First Aid trainings for the first time and helped the academic lecturers. A total of 100 student lecturers and 28 physicians from three involved clinics participated in the teaching (ARK FNUSA and LF MU, KARIM FN Brno and LF MU and KDAR FN Brno and LF MU).

Besides student lecturers and lecturers-academics, students could also meet the tutors, who were supervising the organization of teaching on site and monitoring the ongoing training. The tutors were also discussing the recent teaching with the student lecturers and helped them to improve their teaching skills.

Each circle of the first-year students was divided into 3 - 4 groups of 4 - 7 students under the charge of the student lecturers. The lecturer-academic supervised the smooth running of simulations and practical skills training and helped the student lecturers to answer all curious questions of the first-year students.

"Students participated in the pre-prepared simulations in various roles: as patients, rescuers or emergency line dispatchers. They could try out in practice, for example, the approach to an unconscious adult or child, cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults and children, use of AED, management of massive external bleeding, use of an autoinjector for anaphylaxis or various maneuvers to handle an unconscious person, including rescue from a car, "explained Václav Vafek, a tutor.

After each training, students passed the knowledge check test again and provided feedback which was regularly analyzed. In the last training, students were allowed to repeat any of the topics and thus prepare for the First Aid colloquium, which have also taken a new form since this year.

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