Research Breakfasts

In June 2022, the Grant Office and the Office for Research of FM MU, began organizing so-called "Grant Breakfasts". In addition to good refreshments and informal meetings, these events focused on topics related to grants. These monthly meetings initiated a pleasant tradition and in 2024 evolved into larger "Research Breakfasts". Each month, a different scientist is invited to discuss various topics, whether scientific or career-related, with moderator and Vice-Dean Tomáš Kašpárek.

👉 Lenka and Andrej Bešše, 25th June 2024

Lenka and Andrej Bešše

25th June 2024

Moderated interview about:

  • Being a postdoc and a PhD student in Switzerland
  • Heading the lab in Switzerland
  • Work-life balance in a researcher family
  • What we learned from a daily work together

After completing her doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Dr. Lenka Bešše advanced her career as a post-doc and later led the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology at St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital in Switzerland. She returned to the Czech Republic to head the new "Cancer Immunotherapy Research" group at the Department of Biology, Masaryk University. Her husband, Dr. Andrej Bešše, who completed his master's at the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, and his doctorate in tumor biology at the University of Zurich, also joined this group after working as a post-doc in the same laboratory.

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👉 Martin Bareš, 20th May 2024

Martin Bareš

20th May 2024

Moderated interview about:

  • Fulbright scholarship experience
  • Story of my career path
  • Being a scientist in a top academic position

Martin Bareš has been serving as the Rector of MU since 2019. In addition, he holds a professorship in neurology at the 1st Department of Neurology at St. Anne's Faculty Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine. Previously, he held the position of Vice-Rector at MU from 2011 to 2018 and served as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 2018 to 2019.

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👉 Zdeněk Andrysík, 9th April 2024

Zdeněk Andrysík

9th April 2024

Moderated interview about:

  • Postdoc and an early career in the US
  • How to pick a lab
  • Life in the US
  • US funding opportunities

Upon returning from the US, Zdenek has newly established the InGA Junior Research Group at the Department of Biology.

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👉 Aleš Hampl and Tomáš Bárta, 27th February 2024

Aleš Hampl and Tomáš Bárta

27th February 2024

Moderated interview about:

  • career path from a rookie to a PI
  • research focus
  • challenges and collaborations
  • data management and science communication
  • unlocking the science in real-world applications

Tomas as a successful GA CR applicant will share his recipe for how to boost the application score.

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✔ Grant Breakfasts 2022 - 2023

Grant Breakfasts in 2022 - 2023

☕ 14th June 2022

  • Who we are, why do we meet and what benefits you can get?
  • What are the current calls?
  • What is the ideal form of communicating new calls?
  • What other topics do you wish to be discussed?

☕ 19th July 2022

  • Graphic design services: What services does the faculty provide (graphic design, web design)?, How to create a project website and how to finance it?, What are the roles of IBA Web studio, Communication and External Relations Office and Institute for Computer Science (ÚVT)?, Graphic design software and licenses
  • GAMU Horizons: Get funding for proofreading, graphic design services, and business trips
  • Current and upcoming calls

☕ 6th September 2022

  • Applied Research and Intellectual property: What are the roles of TTO MU and Office for Research and Quality at FM MU, Get up to 500 000 CZK for the development of your research, SPARK Global network -cooperation with Stanford University
  • Internal Grant Agency of Faculty of Medicine: News for 2022, Upcoming calls
  • Current and upcoming calls: International, National, Internal

☕ 18th October 2022

  • Open Science (Jiří Marek ̶ OS manager, Tereza Miškechová ̶ OS Methodologist): Open Science Support at MUNI and FM, Open FAIR Data, Open Access to scientific publication, Data Management Plan
  • Horizon Europe, Cluster Health
  • Upcoming calls for 2023-24

☕ 29th November 2022: Erasmus+: more than just mobility!

  • Mobility of PhD students, academics and scientific and administrative staff (Petr Bureš)
  • Funding of summer/winter schools (Dagmar Václavíková)
  • Cooperation Partnerships (Dagmar Václavíková)
  • Administrative support for project implementation (Eduard Lenner)
  • Presentation of a successful project implemented at FM MU (Jitka Rychlíčková)

☕ 23rd January 2023: Breakfast with members of GA CR evaluation panels from FM MU

  • Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) – how to write a competitive proposal?

☕ 28th February 2023: Evaluation of Internal Grant Agency projects (IGA) - pros and cons, experiences, lessons learned

  • Your further projects and aspirations
  • What you need and what we offer

☕ 28th March 2023: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Postdoctoral Fellowships with Jakub Zeman (Rector´s Office)

  • Results of MSCA-PF 2022 call
  • Essential information on character of MSCA-PF grant
  • Support & plan for MSCA-PF 2023 season at FM MU
  • When & why you should apply

☕ 24th April 2023, with members of AZV evluation panels from FM MU

  • AZV CR (Czech Health Research Council) – How to write a competitive proposal?
  • Disscussion with chairmen and evaluation panel members: Prof. Milan Brazdil (Panel „Neurosciences and mental health“), Prof. Jan Krejci (Panel „Diseases of the circulatory system“), Prof. Ondřej Slaby (Chairman of AZV), Prof. Jiri Litzman (Chairman of AZV Scientific board), Prof. Filip Ruzicka (Panel „Immune disorders and infectious diseases“)

☕ 26th September 2023

  • Review board: presentation of a new advisory body related to proposal submission and project implementation
  • MSCA Cofund: basic parameters of a programme funding the stays of foreign PhD students
  • News and current calls

☕ 17th October 2023

  • Career and project pathways
  • News and current calls

☕ 19th December 2023: Christmas meeting


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