Safe, dignified, motivating and inspiring environment for all

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to providing a safe, dignified, motivating and inspiring environment for all students and staff, following current legislation and documents adopted at the level of Masaryk University:

Together we are committed to maintaining mutual respect between students, teachers and other staff, which is only possible in a safe environment. All individuals are expected to treat each other with consideration and respect and to respect each other's rights. The FM MU wants to protect its students, faculty, and staff from any undesirable behaviour that may permanently damage individuals' personal and professional lives and significantly undermine the mission and reputation of the faculty.

Ethical issues

Ethical issues

Masaryk University and the Faculty of Medicine are aware of their social responsibility and that ethical values need to be preserved and developed. A comprehensive system of ethical rules and principles, which are binding, has been developed for all members of the academic community, professional and research staff and other employees of the university.

The basic ethical requirements for the conduct of Masaryk University employees with regard to their professional activities are summarised in MU Directive 6/2015 MU Academic and Professional Employee Code of Ethics. The requirement to observe ethical principles is also contained in the MU Employment Code.

The basic rules of ethics in research at MU are defined in MU Directive 5/2015 Research Ethics at MU.

Professional committees to monitor compliance with the formulated ethical principles

Ethics Board of Masaryk University

A permanent advisory body to the Rector of Masaryk University that considers cases of violations of general moral principles or the rules of the Code of Ethics for Academic and Professional Staff of Masaryk University that are outside the organisational structure of Masaryk University or have not been resolved at Masaryk University level.

Ethics Board of the MU

Ethics Board of FM MU

The Ethics Board of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University is an independent body of the FM MU and is an integral part of the system for quality assurance and compliance with ethical research standards at the faculty.

The Board deals with the ethical aspects of research conducted at the FM MU in any way involving human subjects, including biological material of human origin and personal components of the subject falling under the protection of personality and personal data, with the exception of activities falling within the scope of other ethics boards operating at MU.

Ethics Board of FM MU

Research Ethics Committee

It deals with the ethical aspects of research conducted at Masaryk University, which mainly involves human subjects.

Research Ethics Committee

Equal Opportunity Panel of the Masaryk University

A permanent advisory body of the Rector, which supervises the application and observance of the principles of non-discrimination and equality at Masaryk University.

Equal Opportunity Panel of the MU

Expert committee for ensuring the welfare of experimental animals of the Faculty of Medicine

In case animals are involved in the research, the Expert Committee for the Welfare of Experimental Animals should be contacted.


How to Complain

In case a violation of the Code of Ethics for Academic and Professional Staff of Masaryk University is suspected, a complaint may be filed with the Chair of the MU Ethics Board.

In the event of any questions regarding obligations arising from legal regulations relating to research ethics issues, the Legal Office may be contacted.

The Head of the Office of the Rector’s Inspectorate MU may be contacted regarding classified information.

In the area of legal protection of databases, TTO lawyers are available for advice.


Cases of emergency

Emergency calls - quick contacts

Police of the Czech Republic 158
Emergency Medical Service 155
Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic 150
Integrated Rescue System of the CR 112
Safety and Security

Safety at the workplace

The basic principles of occupational safety and health at work (OSH) at MU are regulated by Rector's Directive No. 10/2009.

Upon commencement of employment, each new employee is invited by e-mail to undergo mandatory e-learning training in occupational health and safety and fire protection. Subsequent training of employees is organised at set times according to risks and health hazards, applicable legislation and as instructed by the employee's management.

Employee Portal

Emergency Event


Report any workplace accident immediately to INET and your line manager. In the event of a severe accident, call the Emergency Medical Service on 155.


Anyone who observes a fire must take the necessary measures to rescue persons at risk and, if possible, extinguish the fire or prevent its spread. Portable fire extinguishers and wall-mounted hydrants are placed in the corridors for initial action. In the event of a fire, acting with discretion and reporting any fire to your supervisor is necessary.

The basic principles of fire protection are regulated at MU by Rector's Directive No. 4/2005.

Social safety

Social safety

Equal opportunities

MU implements various measures to promote gender equality as part of the University's strategic commitment to the principles of transparency, equality and accountability while balancing the work and personal lives of all its employees and students. MU fulfils this commitment at the level of its units and through the activities of the University as a whole.

The framework for the development and implementation of effective measures to achieve the objectives in the priority areas of gender equality at MU and within MU units is contained in the MU Gender Equality Plan 2022-2024.

The measures of the MU Gender Equality Plan 2022-2024 are proposed based on the results and recommendations of gender audits carried out by MU units in the period 03-07/2021. These findings were supported by content analysis of documents, analysis of statistical data results from questionnaire surveys, group discussions with selected groups of people, and individual and group interviews.

Combining work and parenthood

The University and its units strive to facilitate and support flexible forms of work and create conditions for providing childcare and family care to enable employees to balance work and family responsibilities.

Maternity, paternity and parental leave

Children's group and kindergarten Elánek

Web Elanek Elanek Kampus Elanek FN Brno Elanek Komenského

Recruitment and selection of employees

Uchazečům o práci i zaměstnancům poskytujeme rovné příležitosti, podporujeme diverzitu a snažíme se vytvářet pracovní prostředí uspokojující individuální potřeby. Jsme hrdým nositelem ocenění HR Excellence in Research Award udělovaného Evropskou komisí a v procesu výběru zaměstnanců postupujeme v souladu s principy Evropské charty a Kodexu pro výzkumné pracovníky a OTM-R (Open, Transparent and Merid-based Recruitment).

Vacancies at FM MU

Internal rules governing selection procedures

The MU Selection Procedure Regulations govern university selection procedures.

Prevention of sexual harassment

FM MU applies the basic principles in dealing with sexual harassment cases, which are available assistance, protection of the victim, avoidance of bias and maintaining objectivity and confidentiality. Counselling is provided to victims, witnesses and accused of sexual harassment. Any activity with sexual overtones without the other person's consent is unacceptable. The Faculty of Medicine fosters an environment where it is a commonplace to define oneself against such activity and behaviour.

Who can you contact in case of need?

If you are unsure if you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you may contact the faculty contact person or the MU Counseling Center at The contact persons are also available to those accused of harassment and feel unfairly harmed by the accusation.

Contact persons at FM MU

Mgr. Terézia Knejzlíková, Ph.D.

Tereza has worked at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Brno University Hospital since 2015 and at the Institute of Psychology and Psychosomatics of the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Brno since 2016. She has many years of experience in crisis intervention and psychological care. She has completed comprehensive psychotherapeutic training accredited for the health care system and is in pre-testing training in clinical psychology. She has attended a workshop for contact persons from the Konsent organization, so she is available to potential victims for consultation or help to report a case.

Contact: email:, in person in office No. 515 at the Institute of Psychology and Psychosomatics, Faculty of Medicine, MU, by previous arrangement.

doc. PhDr. Miroslav Světlák, Ph.D.

Miroslav worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at the University Hospital Brno. Since 2018 he has been working as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine. As part of the Institute's counselling services, he is in daily contact with students and employees of the Faculty of Medicine. He has attended a workshop for contact persons by the Konsent organisation and is therefore available to potential victims for consultation or help with reporting a case.

Contact: email:; tel. 532 23 2089; in person at office no. 513 in the campus building F01B1, Kamenice 3

Contact persons across MU

Studentky a studenti mohou využít rovněž Psychologického poradenství MU.

Zaměstnankyně a zaměstnanci mohou kontaktovat externí neziskové organizace věnující se tématu sexuálního obtěžování (např. Modrou linku, Bílý kruh bezpečí nebo na organizaci Persefona, která se za zaměřuje přímo na oblast domácího a sexuálního násilí). Na tyto externí organizace se mohou obrátit i studenti/ky.

Students can also take advantage of MU Psychological Counselling.

Employees can contact external non-profit organizations dedicated to the topic of sexual harassment (e.g., Modrou linku, Bílý kruh bezpečí or organization Persefona, which focuses specifically on domestic and sexual violence). Students can also contact these external organisations.

Sexual harassment prevention at MU

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