E-learning preparatory courses

The Medical Faculty of Masaryk University offers three E-learning preparatory courses for students who intend to get ready for the entrance exam for the General Medicine and Dentistry programme in the English language. Biology, Chemistry and Physics can be purchased as separate courses. 

Why to choose e-learning?

Proven success rate: 
According to our statistics, 80% of course participants succeed in the entrance exam! 

Course Goals

Course Description

Each course costs 100 Euro and can be purchased online as separate items. Courses are available to purchase from November 13th 2023 to July 31st 2024 and open until September 15th 2024.

All participants will receive a password to the university online system after the payment.

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Courses content


  1. What cells are? Chemical composition of cells
  2. Prokaryotic cell structure
  3. Eukaryotic cell structure. Membranes. Osmosis
  4. Structure and function of eukaryotic cell organelles
  5. Cell functions in unicellular and multicellular organisms
  6. Cell information – DNA
  7. Protein synthesis in cells
  8. Cellular responses to external stimuli and intercellular communication
  9. Cell division and DNA replication
  10. Heredity
  11. Diseases in human
  12. Viruses
  13. Breakthrough discoveries in medical biology
  14. Blood, haemostasis and immunity
  15. Bones and skeletal system
  16. Muscles
  17. The heart
  18. The circulation
  19. The respiratory system
  20. The gut
  21. Metabolism and temperature regulation
  22. The renal system
  23. Endocrinology
  24. Reproduction
  25. The nervous system
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  1. Basic chemical terms
  2. Stoichiometric calculations
  3. Atomic structure
  4. Periodic table of elements
  5. Chemical bonds
  6. Nomenclature of inorganic compounds
  7. Solutions. Electrolytes. Acids and Bases
  8. Oxidation and reduction
  9. Brief synapsis of inorganic compounds
  10. Introduction to organic chemistry 
  11. Alcohols. Thiols. Aldehydes
  12. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  13. Amines. Nitro compounds
  14. Heterocyclic compounds
  15. Sacharides
  16. Fatty acids and lipids
  17. Amino acids and proteins
  18. Enzymes
  19. Vitamins
  20. Nucleotides and nucleic acids
  21. Energy and metabolism
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  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanics of solid bodies
  3. Harmonic motion, wave motion and sound
  4. Mechanics of fluids
  5. Principles of thermodynamics
  6. Theory of electricity
  7. Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  8. Optics
    1. Optics - Basic terms
    2. Optics - Optical imaging by lenses and mirrors 
    3. Optics - The human eye and simple optical instruments
    4. Optics - Wave properties of light 8.5 Optics - An introduction to photometry 
  9. Theory of relativity
  10. Principles of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics 
    1. Principles of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics - Introduction 
    2. Principles of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics - Properties of electron shells
    3. Principles of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics - The atomic nucleus
    4. Principles of quantum, atomic and nuclear physics - Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation
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