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With its ten faculties, Masaryk University is the largest university in Moravia and the second largest employer in the South Moravian Region. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the founding faculties of Masaryk University and is a prestigious educational and research institution. We are located on a modern university campus in Brno-Bohunice, which includes the most modern simulation centre in Central Europe.







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Meet The Faculty of Medicine MU

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University is to educate new generations of doctors and healthcare professionals, to share their best knowledge and skills and to participate in the development of research and scientific knowledge actively.

The pillar of our values lies in respect for people in their diversity and a commitment to provide medical care regardless of their social status, health status or religious beliefs.

We have more than a century of tradition, have been creating the conditions for a smarter world since 1919, and believe that education is not just a matter of age or social status. We actively support research. We keep our eyes open and influence life around us.

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Virtual tour of Campus

Virtual tour of Campus



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Life at FM MU

Life at FM MU

Life in Brno

Life in Brno

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Brno is the metropolis of the South Moravian Region, the second largest city in the Czech Republic in terms of population and area. About 700 thousand inhabitants live in its metropolitan area. Brno is a modern and dynamic city with a long history, cultural, social, sporting and industrial tradition.


Brno is the largest Czech student city. MUNI has long been creating extensive facilities to make all our students feel great here.

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Brno is a city of culture. The National Theatre Brno offers drama, opera, ballet and concerts. It hosts the international opera and music festival Janáček Brno, which is one of the most exclusive events of its kind in Europe. The buildings of the National Theatre include the Janáček Theatre, Mahen Theatre and the Reduta, the oldest theatre building in Central Europe. The Brno Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the Czech orchestral leaders. Every year in June, this year for the 25th time, the Ignis Brunensis world competition of artistic fireworks is held at the Brno Dam. And these are just a few cultural tips.

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Brno is a city full of sights. The city's major landmarks include the Špilberk Castle and Fortress and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Petrov, forming a characteristic panorama of the city. A magnificent view of the city of Brno and the wider surroundings from above is offered both from the walls of Špilberk and from the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, where it is possible to climb nearly 130 steps to the viewpoint from the towers.

In Brno, or more precisely under Brno, there are extensive labyrinths of stone passages and cellars. Among the famous Brno underground are, for example, the Labyrinth under the Green Market, the Lapidarium at Špilberk, St. James's ossuary, the Capuchin Tomb or the cellar under the New Town Hall.

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Brno is a city of trade fairs and exhibitions. Fair and exhibition events are held mainly at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Approximately 50 trade fairs are held here annually, attended by almost 1 million visitors. Major congresses with accompanying exhibitions, sporting events, concerts, balls, etc. are also held here.

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The second preserved castle in Brno is Veveří, which towers over the Brno Dam. During the sailing season (April-October), it is possible to take a very popular cruise on boats operated by the Brno Transport Company, one of the stops of which is located near Veveří Castle. An important monument of interwar architecture is the functionalist Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Brno, for example, there are also more than 800 listed sculptures and other objects of small architecture. You can find your way to them on this map.

The Tourist Information Centre of Brno implements an extensive GO TO BRNO project, which helps locals and foreigners to get to know everything Brno has to offer. It also publishes the social and cultural magazine WHERE in Brno, which combines an offer of what is happening in Brno in a given month with lifestyle content about the city and life there.

Foreign employees

Foreign employees 

Foreign employees who come to work at Masaryk University get support and help from the Welcome Office (WO) which is a part of the MU Centre of International Cooperation (CZS). The WO is a university-wide contact and advisory centre which assists all international employees who are working at MU over 3 months in duration and their families with a range of related issues.

The Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, is happy to welcome each international newcomer. To make their arrival easier, the information below may be helpful.

Practical guide and checklist for new employees:

We offer


You'll love our benefits. Employee satisfaction, health and personal development are as important to us as professional achievements and scientific knowledge, which contribute to the high level of education and research at our faculty. Our range of employee benefits is designed to meet diverse needs best and contribute to satisfaction in work and personal life. What do we offer to our employees?​​

You will enjoy a longer holiday. We offer 6 weeks of leave for non-academic staff and 8 weeks for academic staff.

Work where it fits you. Temporarly work from home we offer for those whose nature of work allows it.

Build your financial security with us. We contribute to pension insurance or supplementary pension savings.

The extra money will come in handy, for example, for meals at a restaurant of your choice.

We support personal and career development. You can choose from a wide range of training, seminars and courses, including online.

You can adjust the start and end of your working hours to suit your needs. We also offer the possibility of part-time work.

We're thinking of the parents, too. The campus is equipped with changing tables and we also offer the possibility to use the Elanek Children's Groups right at the university campus. We will also contribute to your school fees.

We care about the health of our employees, so we offer vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.

If you like sports, you can apply for a MultiSport card.

You can take advantage of Vodafone's attractive tariffs for you and your family.

Throughout the year you will have a lot of fun with us at various sporting and social events.

Explore the world through Erasmus+ internships or other projects.

we are currently looking for colleagues for the following positions

Selection process

Selection process

People of various professions can find employment here. We are looking for manually skilled workers, administrative support staff as well as scientists and academics. For these different groups of applicants, the selection process differs, but we do find a few common points. We pride ourselves on openness, transparency and good candidate experience.

  • Application

    Applying for the selection procedure
    If you are interested in one of the advertisements, please fill in the online application form and attach all required documents. A list of these can always be found at the end of the advertisement. These are usually a CV and usually a short cover letter. Want some tips on how to do this? We can help you.

  • Administrative round

    In the administrative round we evaluate the applications received. Once the applications are closed, we will contact you, usually within 10 days, with feedback and any next steps in the selection process.

  • Interview

    The next step in the selection process is usually an interview. We meet in person or connect online to clarify mutual expectations, introduce the department and position, and talk about your experience and ideas for the future. At the interview, you will also learn about the next steps in the selection process.

  • Homework, test, psychodiagnostics

    For some selection procedures, one meeting is enough, which is also the final meeting. Sometimes, however, we need more to check the level of your skills needed for the position. We will give you a homework, a test to check your knowledge and skills, or we will check your competences using psychodiagnostics. You'll always know everything that's coming up in advance.

  • Final meeting

    If we give you an assignment, a test or you walk through a psychodiagnosis, we always meet at the final meeting to discuss the results and to answer any questions that have not yet been clarified.

  • Result of the selection process

    Whether or not you are successful in the selection process, you will receive feedback from us.

  • Job offer

    Was the selection process successful? We will call you and then send you a specific job offer.

  • Feedback

    We care about your opinion, which is why we will ask you to complete a short satisfaction questionnaire after the selection process. We would be delighted if you could take a few minutes to give us your feedback.

Open positions

At Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University, we provide equal opportunities for job applicants and employees, promote diversity and strive to create a work environment that meets individual needs. We are the proud recipient of the HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commission and our recruitment process follows the principles of the European Charter and the Code for Researchers, OTM-R.

We advertise all vacancies on the Masaryk University careers page. Our advertisements can also be found on other career portals relevant to the specific position being filled. We also post job offers on the MUNI Careers Facebook page.

For people from abroad who come to work at MU, the Welcome Office, which is part of the MU Centre for International Cooperation, offers support and assistance. The Welcome Office is a university-wide contact and advice centre that helps all foreign workers who have been working at the university for more than 3 months, as well as their family members, with a range of related issues.

When a foreign worker arrives at LF MU, it is also possible to contact the Welcome Office at the Department of Science and Quality at LF MU.

Research career

Start your research career at FM MU!

Information for postdocs

The research activities of the FM cover practically the entire spectrum of biomedicine, from basic medical research to clinical medicine. In particular, innovative diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures are used. In addition to the close links with clinical departments, this is also supported by its own excellent infrastructure.

The strategic priorities of the Faculty in the field of science and research are the support of junior researchers and students' research activities and the involvement of foreign scientists in the research teams.

We are recipients of the HR Excellence in Research Award and members of the international organizations Orpheus and Spark Global.

Open positions

Categories of research positions

Categories of research positions

The job position system enables transparent classification of employees according to the purpose of the job and job description, including defined requirements and competences for the given work activity, taking into account the European categorisation of research positions, the so-called R1-R4 research profiles (European Framework for Research Careers).

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Career paths

Career paths

The basic principles of career paths for individual positions show the career path scheme:

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Project paths

Project paths

At each stage of a research career research can be supported by different project schemes, whether individual or collaborative grants. The following graphical summaries are used to navigate through the range of grant opportunities suitable from Early Career Researcher (R1), Recognised Researcher (R2), Experienced Researcher (R3) to Senior Researcher (R4).

Collaborative project paths

The first table illustrates potential collaborative project paths, which focus on collaboration between multiple researchers or teams involved in consortia, and is divided into basic or applied research and education.


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Individual project paths

The second table presents individual project opportunities that support the individual development of an independent research career within a research topic, with a breakdown between European, national and internal projects.

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For more information on project paths and grant schemes, please visit the Project Support Department website.

Project support department

Career development

Career development

We care about the development and continuous training of our employees.

The Faculty of Medicine actively supports the training of its staff. Career development of scientific and research staff is essential for the long-term development of the faculty, ensuring quality teaching reflecting the latest scientific knowledge and trends, developing scientific research projects and increasing the prestige of the faculty internationally. The education of LF MU employees is provided by the education manager, who organises educational activities for faculty employees or mediates offers from other parts of Masaryk University.

The employees of the Faculty of Medicine can develop their skills in the following areas, among others:

  • management skills
  • personal development
  • pedagogical competences
  • professional training in research and development
  • grants
  • working with data
  • and others

Competence development centre

The Centre for International Cooperation and the Faculty Welcome Office offer assistance to foreign employees.



Selection procedures at FM MU are governed by Regulations on Competitive Selection Procedures at Masaryk University and the faculty recruitment policy Dean's Directive 3/2023 Rules of Selection procedures at FM MU.


HR specialist for recruitment


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