Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the current measures regarding teaching?

In the autumn semester 2021, the tuition is planned in the contact form. FFP2/KN95 respirators or surgical masks (following the government regulations) must be worn inside MU buildings. 

More information on teaching at MU. 

The current epidemiological situation at MU

2. Information on compulsory testing for covid:

Compulsory testing ended on 30 June 2021. At the moment, regular tests are not compulsory. 

3. Vaccination

The vaccination is available also to self-payers. See further info below:

Information for students with European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), i.e.
residents of EU, EEA or Switzerland: Those with EHIC who want to be vaccinated
in the Czech Republic should register with the Czech public insurance to sign
up. EHIC holders should follow the instructions here on how to file an
application with the VZP to complete the ‘auxiliary registration’

Information for students without European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): You can
register for a vaccine as a self-payer. The registration system will offer
vaccination places usually situated in one of the large hospitals and foreigners
will have to pay for vaccine right there. Reimbursement can then be arranged with your insurance company following the rules of your insurance.

Information for students with private health insurance: Students should register
using the information on the Government’s Covid Portal:

MU is not a provider of this vaccination process. 

You can read more about vaccinations for foreign nationals here:

If you have any questions, please contact

4. How is the teaching organized during the autumn 2021?

In-person. The tuition can be alternated depending on the epidemiological situation. 

5. Positive/Quarantined/With Symptoms: When to report to the IS MUNI

Symptoms, prevention, high-risk, contacts and testing.

Need a GP in Brno? See the list of available English-speaking doctors.

In case of a positive test for Covid, quarantine (after close contact with a positive person, or when you are having symptoms and remain quarantined), you are obliged to make a record in the IS and you are also prohibited from entering the MU buildings.

IS Main Page - Coronavirus (next to the Traffic Light) - submit a record (see the link below)

You are supposed to record your quarantine in the IS if:

a) Your test was covid positive; contact also your GP/Hygiene station (they set the length of your isolation), contact people you were in close contact to notify them.
b) you are in quarantine (its lenght will be specified by your GP in Brno, or the Regional Hygiene Station – KHS); However, in case of close contact with a positive person or symptoms – do not wait to be contacted, stay isolated, contact your GP and report to the IS)
c) you experience symptoms of respiratory disease (such as temperature, shortness of breath, headache, loss of taste and smell etc.) + contact your GP, stay quarantined and make a record in the IS

IS - Notification of a positive test for Covid-19 or quarantine.

Regarding your absence, you will be apologized in the IS based on your record. Any necessary substitutions need to be arranged directly with your teachers. 

6. Roommate is COVID positive, can I attend classes?

Stay quarantined. What you can do immediately - contact your GP, who determines the length of your quarantine and order a PCR test; report quarantine/PCR into the IS, and contact your teachers to arrange for a substitution of your in-person classes.


7. A classmate from the group is COVID positive, what now?

Try to objectively assess how close you have been in touch. You are all required to wear respirators, keep spacing, disinfect your hands, and avoid closer contact with each other.

If you are in the same group, but you talk only with the mouth and nose protection, there is no reason to panic. This is also the interpretation of the Regional Hygiene Station. You can keep attending in-person classes.

If you were in close contact without masks, contact your GP and stay isolated. Your GP will advise you regarding the next steps. Record your quarantine in the IS. (See point 5)

8. What about the apology in case of quarantine or a positive test?

In case of quarantine or a positive test (recorded in the IS - see the point 5), you can be excused by the study department on the basis of your record and the lenght of your quarantine.

You have to individually arrange a substitution for your missed in-person classes, either directly with your teachers or by following the steps from the syllabus/study materials – conditions depend on each department.

9. What to do in case of absences in in-person classes?

The absence from a weekly course and the possibility of its compensation is to be dealt with the responsible teacher directly or according to the instructions from the Department. For courses taught in blocks, ask your study officer about the possibility of transferring teaching into the free weeks in your schedule. Your absence will be excused in the IS based on your record in the Coronavirus application.

10. Where can I get updated university information on COVID?

To keep yourself updated about the current epidemiological situation at MUNI check web MUNI.

11. Entering the Czech Republic

See the latest information on regulations regarding entering the country at:

See also the latest update by the Centre for International Cooperation at MUNI:

Please note that you are supposed to report your arrival from abroad into the IS (see the "Coronavirus" section on the main IS page next to the Traffic light marker). 


1. Self-studying on campus

Library is open again:

Lecture halls in B11 are not longer available for self-studying. 

2. How can I find the correct pavilion on campus?

Due to new teaching in SIMU, the pavilion numbers on campus have been changed. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, it has not yet been converted to the timetable in IS. Therefore, look at the plans before going to the lesson:

The new plan of UKB and SIMU here.

3. How to arrange an apology in the IS?

Go to the IS -> Student -> During studies -> Document Office -> Submit a new application -> :

Select  "Absence excuse - bachelor and master study programmes"

In the next step, you will be asked to fill in the required information - you need to scan some sort of confirmation of your absence (such as an official document from a doctor or other institution). The decision of acceptance is sent electronically to your email. The absence has to be submitted up to 5 days after the absence.

Do not forget to contact your teachers to arrange for substitution of the classes you missed (or follow the guideline in the syllabus/study materials of that particular course).

In case you are covid positive or in quarantine, do not forget to report your situation into the IS.

4. Where can I get information on IT tools?

You will find an overview of the most used IT services and computer classrooms (MS Office download, WIFI, storage and data sharing, SUPO account, etc.) There is a new tool for E-Loans – Books Available Online.

5. Where can I get more information about MS teams?

Instructions on how to work with the online communication tool MS TEAMS, which is mostly used for online teaching at LF MU, you can find here.

In the case of online teaching, you will receive an e-mail from the teacher with an invitation to connect to the given team (seminar group) in the current semester. In the case of the state exam, you are called individually.

6. Can I borrow books online?

We have launched an e-loans for students to access books online.

More information here.

Library Information can be found here

7. Who can get a locker?

The following students are entitled to lockers: Dentistry 1st - 5th year, General Medicine 1st - 2nd year, Physiotherapy. If you didn't receive an email with the assigned code, first check if it has not fallen into spam. When you are entitled to have a locker and you did not receive an e-mail, contact Ms Lenka Grycova -

Study matters

1. How can I interrupt my studies?

You can submit the application for interruption of studies online. Please go to the IS -> Student -> During studies -> Document Office -> Submit a new application -> 

-  "Request for interruption of Studies"

In the next step, you will be asked to fill in the required information and state reasons. The decision of acceptance is sent electronically to your email.

The conditions for the interruption are in accordance with the study and Examination regulations, section 13, par. 1a).

See the full information here.

2. How can I terminate my studies?

You can submit the application for termination of studies online. Please go to the IS -> Student -> During studies -> Document Office -> Submit a new application -> :

-  "Abandonment of studies - bachelor and master study programmes"

In the next step, you will be asked to fill in the required information and state the reasons.

The decision of acceptance is sent electronically to your email.

3. How to download an online confirmation of studies, transcript of records or syllabi?

You can download the current confirmation of studies and other documents online from the IS. Please go to the IS -> Student -> During studies -> E-Transcripts

4. Do I have to take physical education courses?

Yes, you need to complete 2 PE courses during your studies. The teaching of university PE courses is the responsibility of the Faculty of Sports Studies. Find here.

5. I lost my ISIC, what to do?

You need to buy a new one. You can pay in cash (450 CZK) at the Cash Desk, then bring the receipt into the International Studies Office during the Office Hours, and your study advisor will order a new ISIC.

If you need to order it online, contact the International Studies Office for instruction.

6. I need a confirmation that I have to attend an exam in the Czech Republic

Download it in the IS: 
IS main page - Coronavirus (next to the traffic light) - University Confirmation of Exam Participation

Financial issues

1. Where can I find my invoice?

First year students cannot see their invoice in the INET system - they obtain a physical invoice during admission. 

From second year on, you can see your invoice in the INET:

In the INET system

  • Log in (the same way as to the IS)
  • Search for Claims
  • Download your invoice

The invoice is always the same for the whole year. You can split the payment into two instalments (per semesters).


2. What is my variable symbol/reference/advance number?

You will find this number in your invoice as “Our reference”. This number will indicate your payment and it helps us to pair it with your account. Without the number the payment is not connected to your name and needs to be tracked down.

3. Can I get my invoice in other currency?

No, only in CZK. If possible, transfer the amount directly in CZK. If that is not available, please check your Inet once the payment arrives, and settle the difference in CZK at the Cash Desk.

4. I have paid, but there is no record in the Inet – what to do?

  1. Check if the payment really left your account.
  2. The transfer may take some time – within the country, it may take a couple of days (since the payment needs to be processed by our Economic Dpt.); international payments may arrive in a week or so.
  3. Maybe you did not use your Reference number/Variable symbol, in that case, please contact the International Studies Office with a confirmation of your payment.
  4. You may have accidentally sent your money to your SUPO account – please contact the International Studies Office.

5. Where can I find the deadline for my payment?

Deadlines are stated in your contract and in general, you need to pay before the semester starts (usually no later than 15th September for the autumn and 1st March for spring). From second year on, your deadline is stated in your invoice. 

6. Can I split the tuition fee and pay for each semester separately?

Yes, the invoice is always for the full year; however, you can split the payment and pay for each semester separately. You just transfer half of the full amount.

7. Where to check if my payment arrived?

In the INET system

  • Log in (the same way as to the IS)
  • Search for Claims
  • See if your payment arrived

(Your payments in the Inet is visible only for second-year students and higher, if you are a first-year, contact the International Studies Office)

9. Are there any scholarships available?

  • There is an accommodation grant – you can apply for it each semester. You will be notified by email, or you can check the Scholarships in the IS to find out when it is possible to apply, and if you are eligible. To get the grant you need to fill in your Czech bank account into the IS into the Scholarship section.
  • Students with excellent study results will be also rewarded financially. You do not need to apply for that, it is calculated automatically according to your results in the IS.

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