PhD Studies

Students are expected to have a good background in the field as well as sufficient language skills to understand fully the study materials. Applicants are required to hold a corresponding degree from an officially accredited university. The Faculty of Medicine encourages applications from all students and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, gender or religion.

Studies in the English language programmes are free of charge, there is no tuition fee. Applicants only pay an application fee and also a fee for an assessment of previous foreign education (see more details in the part Admission Information below).

The applicant is supposed to check the requirement for applicants specified for particular fields of study. Call for applicants to specific doctoral study programmes with the beginning of the study in Spring term 2022 is open now in the period from 1. 9. 2021 to 31. 10. 2021.

Information on study programmes

Biomedical Sciences Oncology and Hematology Bioethics Physiology, Pathological Physiology, Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

PhD Brochure

Admission Information

Choose from offered PhD thesis topics

Biomedical Sciences Oncology and Hematology - specialization Experimental Oncology and Tumor Biology Physiology, Pathological Physiology, Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry - Specialization Physiology

Dissertation topics for the Bioethics program are not offered; in addition to a CV and a motivation letter, the applicant will provide a high-quality dissertation project approved (prepared under the guidance of) the potential supervisor. A quality dissertation project is absolutely crucial! 

Generally, the applicant has to submit the following documents (if not required otherwise all materials must be in Czech or English or must be original documents accompanied by Czech or English translations).

Once the call is open, the applicant can submit an electronic application form

Necessary parts of the application are:

  • CURRICULUM VITAE (i.e., a one-page outline of the student’s professional background, experience, and skills)
  • AN ESSAY (up to two pages of format-free text in length) explaining the reasons why the student should be accepted for study at the Faculty of Medicine and what study program and its specialization(s) he or she wishes to apply for.
  • PHOTOCOPIES OF ALL DIPLOMAS AND TRANSCRIPTS from all universities attended (the doctoral degree program requirement is a Master's degree in the corresponding field of study).
  • TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from persons familiar with the student's academic background.
    As stated in the Czech Higher Education Act, Section 48, admission to a Doctoral degree programme is conditional on the completion of studies in a Master’s degree programme.

    The applicant who holds a certificate and a degree from a foreign higher education institution demonstrates the proper completion of studies in the Master's degree by:

    • a foreign document on foreign higher education from countries with which the Czech Republic has concluded a so-called equivalence agreement;
      • This applies to higher education obtained in the Master's degree programme in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
      • No other documents need to be submitted, and no other verification has to be administered


    • a foreign document on foreign higher education for the verification by the faculty;
    • This applies to higher education obtained in the Master's degree programme in the countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland.
    • The Faculty of Medicine may require the submission of additional information on the content and scope of the previous foreign higher education, and a confirmation from the relevant foreign authority that the given foreign university is authorized to provide higher education in the said foreign country.
    • In case of doubts about the sufficient level, scope, or content of the previous foreign education proven in this way, the Faculty of Medicine will ask the applicant to complete the documentation with a certificate of recognition of foreign higher education.
    • The verification administrated by the Faculty of Medicine is charged. In order to pay the fee, please go to the Shopping Center of Masaryk University.


    • a certificate of recognition of foreign higher education submitted together with a foreign document on foreign higher education.
      • This applies to higher education obtained in the Master’s degree programme in other countries than mentioned above, and to the one that will not be verified by the faculty (see the article above).
      • This certificate of recognition of foreign higher education can be issued by any public university in the Czech Republic, which has an accredited study program with similar content. 
      • At Masaryk University, the recognition of previous Master’s degree programmes is administrated by the Office for Studies at the Rector’s Office. More information on the recognition (or so-called “nostrification”) issued by Masaryk University can be found at


    A foreign document on foreign higher education is usually a diploma or a certificate of completed studies.


    The exact procedure for verification of previous higher education is set out in the Directive of the Faculty of Medicine no. 4/2019.


How to apply

Submit an electronic application.

Application submission date

The e-application period is from 1. 9. 2021 to 31. 10. 2021.

Admission procedure fees

Information on the admission fee is stated directly in the application.

Entrance examinations and dates

If not limited by the terms of the specific study programme, the entrance examinations will be organized during December 2021 or January 2022. The student is required to pass the entrance examination in the appropriate degree program at the Masaryk University in person; if this is not possible, the evaluation will be made on the basis of a skype call held in English.

What happens after you apply

Once the applicant has submitted the application form and paid the application fee, the administrator of Office for Quality will download the application together with all enclosed documents and send it to the right study program's admission committee. It is necessary to complete the recognition of previous education, as mentioned on this webpage in the part "Admission Information". This procedure can take some time (months) to be completed.

The admission procedure takes place in two rounds:

— 1st round – The admission committee evaluates the materials which the applicant has attached to the application: curriculum vitae, an essay – a motivation letter, a diploma and transcript of courses taken, two letters of recommendation from previous teachers.

We recommend to the applicant to prepare these documents very carefully, as it is on the basis of these documents that the applicant will be invited to the second round of interviews.

— 2nd round – The entrance examination in the form of an interview conducted before the admission committee; upon prior agreement, it can be held using videoconferencing technology.

In the admission process, the applicant can obtain a maximum of 100 points. To be accepted, it is necessary to receive at least 80 points. An admission committee evaluates a presentation of an applicant during the exam. However, the final decision has to be made by the dean of faculty. If the result is "accepted", the administrator of the Office for Quality prepares admission documents. These admission documents are sent directly to the applicant. In the case of a visa application, admission documents are required for the procedure.

Open Day

The Faculty of Medicine does not organize special Open Days for prospective doctoral students but these applicants are welcome to visit the Faculty during Open Days for prospective Bachelor or Master students (see here) or it is possible to come to the Office for Quality after prior arrangement. For further information please contact Mr. Petr Bures from Office for Quality (

Conditions during the study

The basis of the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University is the procedural pursuit of preparation of the doctoral thesis in close and regular interaction with the supervisor and supplemented by the faculty-wide applicable terms for completing the postgraduate studies.

Before the defense of the doctoral thesis is performed, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Fulfill the requirements of the given individual study plan
  • Complete at least 5 fields of study courses of a common basis

The common courses encompass the stated fields of scientific knowledge and capabilities. They can be completed as a part of the organized courses at the MU (in cooperation with the CEITEC, the Faculty of Science, etc.) or through the analogical external courses (e.g. The Course in the Fundamentals of Research Work Administered by the Czech Academy of Science).


  1. Scientific Information, medicine based on evidence (e.g. the Medicine Based on Scientific Proof course)
  2. Ethical and legal aspects of research (e.g. the Bio-medicinal Research Ethics, Law, Ethics and Philosophy in Science courses)
  3. Organization of research projects and clinical trials (e.g. the Planning, Organization and Evaluation of Clinical Studies courses)
  4. Data analysis (e.g. the Analysis of Clinical Data courses)
  5. Publication, presentation, and grant-related skills (e.g. the Art of Research and Scientific Writing courses)
  6. Computer Network User
  • Complete at least 4 subject-area courses (within the competence of the doctoral board).
  • Meet the publication activity requirements at least in the specified range (see below).
  • Undergo an internship abroad (with the duration of at least one month), alternatively participate in an international project (attendance at the regular project team meetings is mandatory).
  • Present original data at an international conference.
  • Submit the doctoral thesis.
  • Pass the final state doctoral examination.
  • Acquire the total amount of 240 credits over the course of studies (in case the MU study and examination regulations change, the credit system may be bypassed at the discretion of the doctoral board).

The participation in teaching can then only reach the maximum of 150 hours/4 years.

The process of constructing an Individual Study Plan can be described by the following:

25 ECTS - The shared courses of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

20 ECTS – Curriculum – Specific Courses

195 ECTS - the doctoral (defense of the doctoral thesis + the final state doctoral examination), publication activities, an internship abroad, attendance at an international conference, assistance in pedagogical activities, and teaching.

Life in the Czech Republic

We do recommend to all applicants to read the amendment to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals' in the Territory of the Czech Republic and follow its regulations.

Life expenses

It is necessary to come to the Czech Republic with at least 20 000 CZK (€ 800) for life expenses per month.


An applicant that needs a visa to get to the Czech Republic has to provide health insurance at minimum for the first year of study by one of the Czech insurance companies mentioned below. Without the insurance he/she cannot apply for visa. The other applicants, that do not need visa, are recommended to get the insurance as well.
Students from European Union have to visit VZP (the first company mentioned in the list of insurance companies in the Czech Republic below) and show them her/his insurance card from her/his country. The company will provide a czech insurance card for foreigners.

Possible insurance companies:

  1. VZP
  2. Maxima
  3. Slavia
  4. Uniqa
  5. Inter Partner Assistance (AXA)

The Czech health insurance costs around 15 000 CZK (€ 600) per year.


The Faculty of Medicine has its own scholarship program to support
postgraduate studies in English. Scholarships can be awarded under this programme to a full-time postgraduate student studying in English.
The scholarship is paid monthly in the amount of 12.000,- CZK for one month of study.
The scholarship is awarded to a maximum of ten students per academic year.
If there are more than 10 applicants for the scholarship in an academic year, the scholarship is awarded by the Dean on the proposal of the selection committee.

International students can apply for various other scholarships, such as: 


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