Appointment decrees for new professors and associate professors at LF MU

Last week, Lenka Zdražilová Dubská and Milan Sova received the highest teaching rank from the hands of the President of the Czech Republic and the Rector of Masaryk University handed over the appointment decrees to five new associate professors from the Faculty of Medicine of MU.

17 Jun 2024

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On Thursday, 13 June 2024, President Petr Pavel handed over appointment decrees to more than seventy professors at Karolinum. From our faculty, Milan Sova and Lenka Zdražilová Dubská received the highest teaching rank on the Scientific Council of Charles University proposal.

In his speech, the President of the Republic emphasized that improving the quality of higher education requires more than just increasing university budgets; it also necessitates the implementation of an evaluation system. "It is not enough to simply allocate more funds to the educational system. We also need to establish a system for managing and assessing the quality of education to ensure that these resources are used as efficiently as possible," said Petr Pavel.

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prof. MUDr. Milan Sova, Ph.D.

Pneumologist Milan Sova graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Palacký University in Olomouc. He also gained experience in the field of pneumology and phthisiology during his internships in Italy, Finland and Canada. At the Clinic of Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis of the University Hospital Olomouc he worked as deputy head for medical care and as head of the sleep laboratory. Currently he is the head of the Clinic of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis at the Faculty of Medicine and Medical University in Brno.


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prof. RNDr. Lenka Zdražilová Dubská, Ph.D.

She obtained her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno, passed the specialisation exam in Laboratory Methods in Clinical Haematology, the state rigorosum exam in Microbiology and the specialisation exam in Medical Immunology and in the same field she habilitated at the Faculty of Medicine in Brno in 2017. From 2004 to 2020 she worked at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Masaryk Institute of Oncology. Since 2012, she has been the Head of Quality Control at the Advanced Cell Immunotherapy Unit of the Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University. She is the Head of the Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Head of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Brno.

The ceremony of awarding the appointment decrees to 24 associate professors took place on 13 June in the refectory of the Augustinian Abbey on Mendl Square in Brno. The decrees were handed over to the new associate professors by MU Rector Martin Bareš. "I am proud that across the faculties we have new associate professors. They have contributed to the development of science through their research, but I would also like to remind you of their daily patient work, which educates new generations and passes on experience. I am talking about educational activities, because the title of associate professor is a scientific and pedagogical title. It is important to write articles, to count citations and to obtain national and international grants, but the greatest impact must be our activities towards society. As a university, we must share the results of practice and education and constantly patiently explain what science is, how it is done and what benefits it brings to society," said Rector Martin Bareš at the beginning of the appointment ceremony.

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doc. Mgr. Ladislav Baťalík, Ph.D.

Ladislav Batalik habilitated in the field of Kinanthropology. He deals with cardiovascular rehabilitation. In his habilitation thesis he focuses on movement training in patients with cardiac and oncological diseases. He describes the importance and main components of cardiovascular telerehabilitation, an easy to perform, effective and safe alternative form that significantly improves quality of life, modifies risk factors and is cost-effective. Experts in the field foresee a major shift in future practice in the use of home-based, expert-led cardiovascular telerehabilitation, with the expectation that this form may be more accessible for many clients. His habilitation thesis brings unique findings in the field of cardiovascular telerehabilitation in the Czech Republic.

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doc. PhDr. Filip Dosbaba, Ph.D., MBA

Filip Dosbaba habilitated in the field of Kinanthropology. He is a recognized expert in physiotherapy in cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation. His habilitation thesis focuses on investigating changes in inspiratory muscle performance in patients with COVID-19 between transfer from the intensive care unit to hospital discharge, primarily using the innovative Test of Incremental Respiratory Endurance (TIRE) method. A significant finding of his work is the significant reduction in inspiratory muscle performance and functional capacity in patients admitted to the intensive care unit. He hypothesizes that partial reversibility can be achieved with intensive physiotherapy and therefore recommends intensive physiotherapy in critically ill patients, not only those with COVID-19.

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doc. MUDr. Jiří Fiedler, Ph.D.

Jiří Fiedler habilitated in the field of Surgery. He deals with neurosurgery, especially with surgery of the skull base, cerebral vessels and brain tumors. In his habilitation thesis he defines a new field of brain microsurgery. He focuses on cerebral hemodynamics, cerebral revascularization techniques and the use of cerebral bypass in acute ischemic stroke. He focuses on the group of patients with acute cerebral vascular occlusion in whom combined therapy fails. In his habilitation thesis he presents cerebral bypass and microsurgical embolectomy, methods which he was the first to introduce into use in the Czech Republic. The thesis forms the basis for the development of acute surgery in the case of occlusion of the magisterial cerebral arteries for other neurosurgical departments not only in the Czech Republic.

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doc. MUDr. Jan Maláska, Ph.D., EDIC

Jan Maláska habilitated in the field of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Algesiology. He focuses on a wide range of issues related to life-threatening shock conditions, their biological nature and possibilities of their diagnosis and treatment. It also focuses on palliative medicine. In his habilitation thesis, he describes the epidemiology of sepsis and septic shock in the Czech Republic. He presents information on the pathophysiology of individual problems, but also on their epidemiology and predictive prognostic factors, not only from world but also from Czech data. His work brings important findings for further research and clinical practice. The data on the epidemiology of sepsis and septic shock in the Czech Republic are unique even in comparison with other developed countries, not only in Europe. They can be used as a basis for educating the general public about sepsis.

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doc. Mgr. Robert Vysoký, Ph.D.

Robert Vysoký habilitated in the field of Kinanthropology. He is working in the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation. In his habilitation thesis he focuses on rehabilitation and physical activity indicated in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases from the point of view of a physiotherapist. He focuses on the effect of training intervention on cardiorespiratory parameters, especially in patients after myocardial infarction and with valvular heart defects and arrhythmias. The latest findings using training modalities have been incorporated into therapeutic procedures, in the development and implementation of which he has participated. Colleagues in the field appreciate the significant applicability of his findings in clinical practice and recommend his work as a teaching text for physicians and physiotherapists.

Sources of photos: the Ministry of Education (handing over of professor's decrees) and Martin Indruch (handing over of associate professor's decrees)

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