Postdoc at MED MUNI

Great chance to get funded in the Czech Republic

Internal Funding


Anticipated start date: The position is available from April 2024 or upon agreement

The submission deadline is 31st January 2024

  • Are you a forward-thinking and highly motivated postdoctoral researcher eager to join a prestigious university in the field of Life Sciences?
  • If you've obtained your PhD or its equivalent within the past 7 years, and have engaged in research for a minimum of 2 full years within the last 3 years outside the Czech Republic, with a workload of at least 0.5 full-time equivalent, or if you have pursued your doctoral studies (or equivalent) abroad, we'd love to hear from you.
  • Do you meet the following publishing criteria: Over the past 3 years, have you authored a minimum of 3 articles, with at least 2 of them being in the top quartile (Q1) as per the Web of Science?
  • If you meet these qualifications, kindly select your preferred research topic below, review the eligibility criteria, and proceed to submit your e-application:

Assoc. prof. Marketa Bebarova Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology and Mechanics
Dr. Lukas Cajanek Primary Cilia Biology
Dr. Dasa Bohaciakova Bioinformatics in Stem Cell Neurobiology
Dr. Stjepan Uldrijan Molecular Cancer Biology
Dr. Nicola Silva Meiotic Chromosome Segregation and Genome Stability
Dr. Zuzana Holubcova Reproductive Biology
Dr. Vladimir Rotrekl Causes of Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis and Heart Failure
Dr. Alemeh Zamani Neuroscience
Dr. Erik Fagerholm Computational Neuroscience

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023 at Masaryk University, Brno – triple chance to get funded in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic you have a triple chance for funding with only one application:

  • MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • ERA Fellowship for widening countries
  • Structural Funds financing – achieved by 80% of applicants (scoring 70% or higher in MSCA PF)

Masaryk University (MUNI), a leading Czech university in H2020 and HEU programmes welcomes expressions of interest from researchers who would like to apply for the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships in the field of Life Sciences.

Experienced supervisors from the MED MUNI would be interested in working with talented researchers.

Our supervisors:

MSCA PF allows researchers to implement their own research project whilst enhancing their transferable skills and competencies, which lead to improved employability and career prospects and enhanced networking and communication skills. Intersectoral mobility can be part of the fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should be progressive and ambitious postdoctoral researchers, max 8 years from date of award of their first doctoral degree. Applicants must not have resided in the Czech Republic for more than 12 months during the last 3 years at the time of the deadline (13th September 2023).

Masaryk University‘s supportive environment
The Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University offers an attractive scientific environment in a modern campus adjacent to the University Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine is an HR award holder and Masaryk University offers a number of courses in research and transferable skills, enabling you to develop a scientific career.

Support to applicants
The Grant Office at MUNI MED offers support for suitable applicants in the proposal preparation process in the form of courses, personal consultations and proposal reviews.

If you are interested in applying with Masaryk University as the host institution, please send your CV with the track record, chosen topic and a project abstract  

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