Credit Transfer System

Doctoral studies at the FM MU proceed in semesters; the prerequisite for advancing to a higher semester is the obtainment of at least 15 credits for the preceding semester, or 45 credits for the last 2 semesters. If a student has 240 or more credits and has not exceeded the standard period of study, he or she is not obliged to fulfil the previously mentioned prerequisite for enrollment on the next semester (Art. 12, par. 2 of the MU Rules for Studies and Examinations).

The standard duration of the study is 4 years; it is, however, not necessary to observe this period of study. Students are allowed to defend their theses earlier, provided that they have complied with the prescribed conditions (credits, State Doctoral Examinations, subjects, publication activities, submission of doctoral thesis). The maximum period allowed is 7 years.

Credits are granted for the following subjects

(1) Preparation of Doctoral Thesis I - VIII

To be evaluated by the supervisor at the end of each semester and credits granted by the respective Doctoral Study Programme Council (DSPC) at the supervisor's suggestion.

Steps: Data collection, statistical evaluation, participation in a specialised seminar/workshop

For this subject, a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 160 credits may be granted during the study. This subject may be enrolled 8 times during the study.


(2) Professional Training I - VIII

(to be evaluated by the supervisor at the end of each semester and credits granted by the respective DSPC at the supervisor's suggestion).

Steps: Participation in a specialized seminar/workshop, active presentation of a lecture, study of literature, completion of a subject corresponding to the area of study, etc.

This subject may be enrolled 8 times during the study. The subject also includes examinations, course-unit credits, and colloquiums in subjects specific only to the given DSPC; these are specified separately by each DSPC).


(3) Teaching Assistance

Steps: Independent teaching or assistance in teaching.

This subject may be enrolled 8 times during the study.


(4) Study Attachment Abroad

This subject may be enrolled twice during the study.


(5) Completion of a Common Course or Subject

The minimum number of completed courses or subjects with credits granted is 5 (English + 4 common subjects). The maximum number is not specified.

The subject "English" is a two-semester subject finished with an examination.


(6) Specialized Medical Diploma ("atestace") (obtained during Ph.D. studies)

Passing the test in the Common Core of Specialized Medical Education:

Passing the Specialized Medical Diploma Publication test in an area identical with (similar to) the Ph.D. area:


(7) Publication Activities

    3 credits for each evaluation point obtained for publication activities.

In order to be allowed to defend his or her doctoral thesis, the student is obliged to:

  1. obtain 240credits for the whole period of study;
  2. complete a minimum of 5 common subjects;
  3. obtain a minimum of 30 credits for publication activities;
  4. pass his or her State Doctoral Examination;
  5. submit his or her doctoral thesis.

The individual DSPCs may increase the minimum quota of publication activities for their respective areas of study according to consideration.

Common courses and subjects are available for the studies; each DSPC will select those required and optionally required for their respective area of study. The minimum number of passed common courses (subjects) is 4 (5th subject is English).

Required subject for all Ph.D. students: English (2 semesters)

Optional courses and subjects for all Ph.D. students:

Publication Activities

Point Allotment System of Publication Evaluation for Ph.D. Studies (1 point = 3 credits):

Abstract (in Czech Rep. or foreign countries in journals without impact factor) 1 pt
Review article in Czech 2 pts
Review article in a foreign-language journal without impact factor 3 pts
Abstract in a journal with I.F.; Letter to the Editor in a foreign journal 3 pts
Original article in a Czech or Slovakian journal 4 pts
Original article in a foreign journal without I.F. 5 pts
Review article in a journal with I.F. IF x 10
Original article in a journal with I.F. IF x 10 *
Chapter in a Czech or Slovakian specialist journal, or book of proceedings 3 pts
Chapter in a foreign specialist book, or book of proceedings 6 pts
Authorship of a Czech or Slovakian pedagogical monograph (university textbook (1st, 2nd, or 3rd author)** 6 pts
Authorship of a foreign pedagogical monograph (university textbook (1st, 2nd, or 3rd author)** 12 pts
Authorship of a Czech or Slovakian specialist book, monograph (1st, 2nd, or 3rd author)** 10 pts
Authorship of a foreign specialist book (1st, 2nd, or 3rd author)** 20 pts

* e.g., an original article in a journal with I.F. l.8 = 1.8 x 10 = 18 pts.
** where there are 4 or more authors, and/or a wider team of authors, authorship of one or more chapters of the book is concerned.

The point-allotment system of evaluation in journal articles and book chapters is applied for the first author; second author receives 50 % of the point score of the first author, a third and next author/s receive 25 % of the point score of the first author.

In case of the authorship of a greater number of chapters in a book or a monograph, 3 chapters are taken as the limit for evaluation. Any greater number of chapters corresponds to the point-score for three chapters, so that the maximum point score for the authorship of chapters in one monograph is equal to 9 points for inland and 18 points for foreign monographs respectively.

Table according to the MU Rector's Office:

Subject Minimum - m Maximum - M Step - S
Preparation of Doctoral Thesis 5 25 5
Professional Training 1 8 1
Teaching Assistance 1 8 1
Study Attachment Abroad 10 25 5
Common Courses, Subjects, Specialised Medical Diploma Tests 5 50  
Publications 1 99 1

A step is meant to denote the least number of credits for grading when enrolling on/registering for a subject or course. For example, in case of a minimum of 5, a maximum of 50, and a step of 5 the student may get registered with any one of the following numbers: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50.

If the standard period of study is 4 years, the minimum credit value is 240 credits.
The claim for registered credits arises simultaneously with the granting of a course-unit credit (or any other form of closing the subject). The course-unit credit should be granted by the respective supervisor.
See preceding commentary.
The DSPC should select required and/or optionally required subjects and courses. All other courses are automatically optional.
To be selected by the DSPC.
Note that credits (and thus also points) are allotted simultaneously with the course-unit credits. The granting of a course-unit credit must not be attached to procedures independent of the student, such as to a review procedure. The supervisor (or authorized teacher), who acknowledges the submission of an article for publication in the respective journal, has to decide on the course-unit credit. A confirmation that the article has been submitted for publication is sufficient - to be checked by the supervisor.

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