Pregraduation practices abroad

Guide for 2020/2021 Academic Year


Mobility programmes under which you can take pregraduation

Note 1: In case you are going to arrange the pregraduation practice in your home country, you have to go under Freemover – Traineeship programme.
Note 2: In case you are going to take the practice outside your home country and the Czech Republic, you can use any Erasmus+ programmes.

Practices that can be carried out abroad and their time periods

Pre-graduation practices can be initiated in the 11th semester of your study after completing all the courses of Years 1–5; during summer holidays it is possible to take only summer vacation practice

Pre-graduation practices forms

Required Documents

Documents have to be signed by three parties (You, Foreign Institution and Home Faculty)

Erasmus+ Traineeship

Freemover Traineeship + Special Grant for Short-Time Placements

Note: Documents have to be legible, therefore we require completing them on the computer


Instructions for the pre-graduation practices carried out

A) In one block (more practices at one workplace)

B) As individual practices

Description of the administrative process

  1. Student visits the International Studies Office (ISO) before finishing Year 5 where (s)he announces his/her intention to take pregraduation practice abroad; (s)he will be informed about the conditions and requirements; Student also completes Application for Pregraduation Practice and State Exam (.docx)
  2. Student brings or emails a completed LA / TA to ISO so that it can be signed by the faculty coordinator, Vice-Dean Křivan; this must be done at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the practice abroad (In case of the TA, its parts concerning the programme of the internship and other details about a foreign institution must be completed in advance
  3. after confirmation of the LA / TA the student is obliged to create a record of the stay abroad to the IS and upload the LA / TA signed by the 3 parties
  4. during the stay the student gets the form of pre-graduation internship with footage of individual tasks confirmed; this form must be signed at the end of the internship by a representative of the foreign institution and must have a date that is the same or later than the end of the internship
  5. another document that must be signed by the foreign institution at the end of the stay is Confirmation of Study Period / Confirmation of Traineeship / Confirmation of Placement Period
  6. after arrival to his/her home institution, the student asks for signing the document from the previous paragraph at ISO (it can be done via email)
  7. when the confirmation is signed, the student uploads the form of pre-graduation practice and the confirmation into the IS record about the stay abroad
  8. and applies for recognition of the pre-graduation practice electronically in the IS; for more details see the guide for the recognition
  9. only after the closure and recognition of the stay abroad, the student can book a date of the state exam
  10. in case of Paediatrics pre-graduation practice, Student has to contact the paediatric clinic before the state exams and prepare a CASE REPORT under the conditions of the department
  11. in case of Surgery pre-graduation practice, the student has to go to the particular Surgery department in person to agree on a date of a practical exam at least 14 days before the actual state exam
  12. the Practical exam of Surgery consists of 3 parts:
    • examination of the surgical patient in the Czech language - history of the disease, physical examination, diff.dg.
    • knowledge of surgical instruments (set of instruments is available in the secretary office)
    • knowledge of imaging methods ( X-ray, CT, MRI of surgical diagnosis)

If it happens that the student fails the practical exam, he cannot take the state exam before he completes an additional week of the pregraduation practice at one of the surgery dept.

* General Medical Practice, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine must be completed before the last state exam; it is not possible to complete it as the final course before the graduation
** Students have to complete at least 12 semesters of their study, including the payment of the school fee for 12 semesters – it is not possible to complete General Medicine study earlier than in 12th semester

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