Alan Ostadi

Country: Norway
Level of study: Long-cycle Master's

What experiences make you a great ambassador?
To make a great ambassador, you should have had previous experience when it comes to communication and share information in a way that your counterparts will have a better understanding and all their questions answered in the end. This is something I feel have managed when I have been appointed to represent Masaryk university in couple of Education fairs and exhibitions in Norway. I have also been a part of ANSA Brno this past year, where we have been helping new and future Norwegian students of Masaryk and generally Brno to make the right decisions in the best way.

What advice would you give to new students?
My first piece of advice and which I personally feel it's the most important is, when you start, you should have motivation and be prepared when studying within the medical field. This field is not that simple but if you have those in check, you will come long way. Second advice is that its important to find a balance between studying and free time so you don't burn out which unfortunately sometimes it can happen.

What do you love most about Brno?
The best part about Brno is the size and location. You have almost everything you need just few minutes walking distance or few tram stops away wherever you live. And the public transport is really good (especially if you have experienced the Norwegian public transport). Here you can find something for anyone, let it be food and drink or social activities.

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