Matriculation Programme

  • Fanfares

    Students will stand up, Vice-Deans and the Dean arrive

  • National Anthem

  • Introduction Speeches

    by Vice-Deans

  • Matriculation

    The Vice-Dean asks students to come and read the Matriculation Pledge.

  • Pledge

    Read by a chosen student

  • Pledge of students + delivering of Matriculation Diploma

    Vice-Dean will read the list of students, the whole row will stand up and each student (after he/she will hear her/his name) will come forward to vow on insignia, he/she will put two fingers above the insignia and he/she will say „SPONDEO aloud, student vows to the Dean, who sits in the middle. Then he/she will receive the Matriculation Diploma and he/she goes back to the end of the row. After the whole row comes back to their seats they all sit down. Next row stands up and they do the same. All rows in the middle of the assembly hall will vow like it is described above. Students sitting in the side rows will not come back to their previous seats, but they will sit on the seats in the other side of the assembly hall. It will be fully explained on the spot.

  • Speech of the Dean (Vice-Dean)

  • Gaudeamus

    Students will stand up

  • Fanfare

    Leaving of the Dean and Vice-Deans

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