Collect and analyze customer needs for application behavior

Gathering and analyzing the needs of your users is a key part before developing of any application. You do not want to build application for users, that is useless or its behavior is confusing for your user. It means – interviews with users, testing prototype, discuss about your ideas... ask your users about their needs.


users behavior, users testing, design of application, requirements for web application

It is great that you came up with the best idea for web application. The question is, does anybody need this?
You should listen to your user – what they want, what they need... because you dont want to build useless application.

Ability to listen, communication skills, or instead of interviews: data capture system, google analytics, microsoft clarity, matomo (later phases of development)

generic: high level abstract best practice, metalevel category (e.g. manage architectures)

Application domain:
Education (Technology enhanced learning), Software engineering

Main phase:
Generic: Requirements/Exploration, Generic: Design/Plan

Related literature:

In which projects do/did you use this practice?
National Health Information Portal (NZIP)

Data Analyst, Project Manager, Researcher

3–5 years of experiences
Masaryk University

1. How do ​you rate the potential benefit for your projects? 5
2. How often are you using that practice? 3
3. What is the effort to introduce the practice in your project upfront? 4
4. What is the effort to apply the best practice in your project daily basis? 4

Questions 1, 3 and 4 (1 = Low, 5 = High)
Question 2 (1 = Never, 5 = Always)

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