Web prototypes in Figma

Prototypes replicate how users might interact with our designs. We can use Figma to preview prototyping interactions on the device - desktop and also tablets or mobile phones.There is a possibility also share ideas or get feedback from other collaborators or testers.


UX, web design, prototypes, device

Figma allows us to create interactive flows that explore how a user may interact with our designs. Prototyping helps eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications during the development process.

Figma web app, UX designer

concret: specific best practice (e.g. use microservice)

Application domain:
Software engineering

Main phase:
Generic: Design/Plan, Development: Implementation/Code/Build, Development: Testing

Related literature:
Designing and Prototyping Interfaces with Figma, https://www.amazon.com/Designing-Prototyping-Interfaces-Figma-interactive/dp/180056418X/ref=pd_bxgy_img_sccl_1/146-8172663-3157334, Fabiano Staiano, 2022

In which projects do/did you use this practice?
In mostly of our projects, for example: https://onemocneni-aktualne.mzcr.cz/covid-19, then https://data.nzis.cz/, etc.

Frontend Developer

3–5 years of experiences
Masaryk University

1. How do ​you rate the potential benefit for your projects? 5
2. How often are you using that practice? 5
3. What is the effort to introduce the practice in your project upfront? 5
4. What is the effort to apply the best practice in your project daily basis? 5

Questions 1, 3 and 4 (1 = Low, 5 = High)
Question 2 (1 = Never, 5 = Always)

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