Use Docker/Containers for Development and Deployment

Develop applications in containers (e.g. VS Code Devcontainers). Test applications in containers, ideally automated within a CI environment (e.g. GitLab CI, GitHub Actions). Build images from sourcecode, ship images instead of e.g. raw binaries, ideally within a CI environment as well. Run image as container in production, define production state as code (e.g. docker-compose).


Docker, Container, CI, CD, Image, Automation, Software Engineering

Avoid error-prone and repetitive build/test tasks by defining them within e.g. Dockerfiles. Provide a consistent and reproducible development and production environment.

Docker, Tools supporting containers (development machine, production server)

concret: specific best practice (e.g. use microservice)

Application domain:
Data science (analysis & visualisation), Industry (Production), Software engineering

Main phase:
Development: Implementation/Code/Build, Development: Testing, Operations: Deployment/Release

Related literature: (2022)

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Software Tester, Software Engineer, Researcher

>10 years of experiences
Software Competence Center Hagenberg

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3. What is the effort to introduce the practice in your project upfront? 2
4. What is the effort to apply the best practice in your project daily basis? 1

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