Implementation of the Clinical Teaching Project in 2021

During the year 2021, the internal MU project was implemented in the Simulation Centre. Its aim was to increase the support of online teaching.

26 Jan 2022

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The aim of the project implemented in the Simulation Centre of FM MU was to increase the support of online teaching, or in other words, create a source of educational materials for selected courses and at the same time a guidebook of the studies of a given course in a form of an interactive curriculum in IS MUNI, both in Czech and English language. The study materials are used to prepare students before the practical lessons at clinical workplaces. Prepared and basic knowledge-equipped students profit from the time spent in the practical lessons much more, as they can focus solely on acquiring practical skills and consult their questions or doubts.

Part of the project implementation was creating a recording of selected lectures from 17 courses of clinical characteristics. Apart from the lecturers and course guarantors, teams with the task of supervising the implementation of unified visual style, supervision of methodology, and the filming of the videos were also collaborating on the technical implementation. For the successful organization of a big number of lecturers during the filming, an internal filming time planner was created. In the period between June and November 2021, a total of 596 filming slots were offered, each 30 minutes long, out of which 389 were booked. In total, 337 lectures were filmed in both Czech and English, which, supposing the set limit of 20 minutes per lecture, accounts for about 112 hours of recordings. The filmed lectures were successfully implemented into the interactive curriculum of individual courses and are used by students starting from this semester. Altogether, 24 interactive curricula in the Czech language and 24 in the English language were created.

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