Practical Lessons at FM MU Do Not Increase Numbers of COVID-19 Positive Students

Practical lessons at FM MU are taking place even during a state of emergency, however, they do not lead to growth in the occurrence of COVID-19 among students, lecturers, or other employees, thanks to compliance with strict anti-epidemic measures.

25 Mar 2021

Thanks to a government exemption, the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University can still provide practical lessons throughout the entire duration of state of emergency, complying with the government’s anti-epidemic measures. The occurrence of the disease and quarantine due to COVID-19 is carefully monitored among students and employees of the FM MU at all times. The available data do not indicate a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in connection with lessons taking place, which would follow the national trend of increase in cases. 

The Management of the Faculty firmly believes that this is due to the compliance with the anti-epidemic measures during lessons, as well as personal responsibility towards the health of students, academics and other Faculty staff. Thanks to this, we are able to further educate students and train graduates that will be able to take up employment, strengthen the ranks of healthcare professionals and help the hard-pressed healthcare and, of course, individual patients and their loved ones. The Dean of the FM MU and other members of the Faculty Management would like to thank all students, lecturers and other employees of the FM MU for their dedicated work in difficult social and working conditions. 

Development of the number of COVID-19 positive students at FM MU in the period November 2020 - March 2021

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