Why choose Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University?

The interest in studying at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University is steadily growing and at present, compared to other medical faculties in the Czech Republic, we have the highest number of applications in Brno. Apart from excellent facilities, excellent teachers and a wide range of study programmes, we can also mention the 100% professional placement of graduates.

1 Mar 2024

Nela Pelánková, 5th year General Medicine student

"I was attracted by the progressive approach to teaching and the modern facilities, which is why MED MUNI was my first and only choice," says Nela Pelánková, a 5th year General Medicine student.

What programmes do we offer?

You can choose a six-year General Medicine degree, a five-year Dentistry degree or opt to study in one of the ten three-year Bachelor programmes (only in Czech). For those studying for further Masters programmes, we offer five two-year programmes.

What does studying here look like?

The basis of the study consists of lectures, seminars and teaching in laboratories and dissection rooms. Interactive elements and state-of-the-art technology in our Simulation Centre are incorporated into the teaching. Dental and undergraduate students get hands-on experience from their first year.

For general medicine, the first years are focused on preclinical studies, during which you will learn about the human body and how it works. Students organise tutorials or practical seminars, and you can already get involved in scientific research at theoretical institutes and clinics during your studies.

How will you feel with us?

You'll see that it's not just about working hard to get your degree, but preparing for real life in the industry. Our scope is as broad as the changes in the medical field. Early in your studies, you can find buddies in faculty societies, where you'll get support from senior colleagues. After all, studying is not just about books, it's about people who will help you move forward.

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How do students rate the faculty?

"Our faculty is large, but students of all programmes can find a place for self-fulfilment. And I'm grateful for the way it supports student activities, which is definitely not common. Thanks to this, you will find many smart people here who are already making this world a better place during their studies. For example, we meet at public awareness events, because everyone's health starts with taking care of it. Not in the doctor's waiting room, when we are already losing it more or less," says Nela.

What advice do you have for those who want to choose our faculty?

"Invest time in finding a degree program that you really enjoy, and then focus on the entrance exams. I would definitely not leave things to fate and study continuously - individually, with friends or on courses. Is it possible to get in without taking the entrance exam? Do you have good grades? Language certificates? Have you worked in a high school vocational activity? Use all the information to get into your dream programme," says Nela with her fingers crossed.

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