Adam Williamson receives prestigious ERC Proof of Concept grant

Adam Williamson from the International Clinical Research Center MED MUNI and FNUSA was awarded the prestigious ERC Proof of Concept grant. He will use the support to transfer the results of his sleep apnoea research into practice. His matchbox-sized device has the ambition to improve the treatment of this condition. The young scientist has received his fifth ERC grant.

18 Jan 2024

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Canadian Adam Williamson studied theoretical electrical engineering in Texas. He received his PhD from the University of Ilmenau, Germany. He has also done research at Sweden's prestigious Karolinska Institutet and other universities. His last position before joining the International Clinical Research Center in Brno was Inserm in France.

His research focuses on deep brain stimulation, especially in epilepsy, but also on the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. This sleep-disordered breathing syndrome affects up to one billion people worldwide between the ages of 30 and 69.

The ERC Proof of Concept grants provide significant financial support to existing ERC grant recipients. They will allow the further development of the knowledge gained and the evaluation of the commercial potential of projects in progress. This is another important step towards the FitSleep device eventually being brought to market and providing a breakthrough solution for the treatment of this most prevalent sleep disorder. "Despite various treatment options, up to eighty per cent of patients with apnoea do not address their problem because none of the solutions suit them. However, I am convinced that if they are provided with a device that is easy and comfortable to use, many will change their approach," believes Williamson.

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