Faculty of Medicine seeks Horizon Europe Teaming for Excellence

Almost half a year of efforts of the multidisciplinary team from FM MU and other participating institutions culminated on 7 September with the submission of a project application to the Horizon Europe programme, Teaming for Excellence call.

13 Sep 2022

 LF MU submitted a project application to the Horizon Europe programme, Teaming for Excellence call.

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Regina Demlová, Head of the Institute of Pharmacology, a vision was created to develop the existing GMP Advanced Cell Immunotherapy Unit (ACIU), focused on cell therapy research, into an international centre of excellence covering comprehensive research, development and production of medicines for modern therapies for selected types of rare diseases.

The CREATIC (Central European Advanced Therapy and Immunotherapy Centre) Centre of Excellence at the MU Faculty of Medicine is a unique concept of linking geographically close academic and clinical centres to increase the availability of highly personalised therapies for patients for whom there is currently no adequate conventional treatment. The potential of cell and gene therapies will be the subject of interdisciplinary research also involving social science disciplines, which will present solutions to increase the economic availability of modern therapies and to modernize regulatory and legislative processes and standards.

The project, which is based on a partnership with major European research institutions Fraunhofer IZI, the University of Leipzig and the University of Copenhagen, plans to use €15 million over 6 years to build the centre. In addition, the Teaming for Excellence project is complemented by a request for national investment funding for the renovation of the centre's facilities on the Masaryk University campus and the acquisition of €21 million in instrumentation.

The project is expected to be evaluated in early 2023.

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