Esenciální trombocytemie a jiné myeloproliferace s trombocytemií léčené Thromboreductinem. Výstupy z databáze Registru k 1. čtvrtletí roku 2010

Title in English Essential thrombocythaemia and other myeloproliferative disorders with thrombocythaemia treated with Thromboreductin. A report from the database of register for the 1st quarter of 2010


Year of publication 2010
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Vnitřní lékařství
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Field Oncology and hematology
Keywords Essential thrombocythaemia; myeloproliferative disorders; anagrelid (Thromboreductin); register; JAK2 mutation; thrombophilia
Description Anagrelide is used as recommended by CR Czech Working Group for the treatment of myeloproliferative disorders accompanying chronic myeloproliferative thrombocythemia - particularly essential thrombocythemia - and has also repeatedly been presented output from the Register of patients treated Thromboreductinem, as last year (medicine Int 2009, 55: I-XII). That registry is maintained since 2005 and since its beginning is to determine the detailed clinical and laboratory profile of patients. During its use the registry structure is undergoing significant changes that respond to the outputs obtained from each of the previous data analysis. It also fills the database is increasing year by year, and some items of up to 97%. Time monitoring of patients is monitored more than 108 months. The registry is a database to April 2010 data on 717 patients. It was evaluated 672 patients diagnosed with Ph negative chronic myeloproliferative disorders. This year's analysis were subjected only to patients with essential thrombocythemia, polycythemia vera and primary myelofibrosis. It is about 418 women and 254 men, median age 50 years. Unlike the early years of last year, nepředléčení patients already two thirds of newly registered patients, which means that patients receive the specialized work soon. More often also face Thromboreductinem combination therapy, especially in elderly patients. The studied risk parameters předchorobí increasing incidence of hypertension in laboratory parameters observed in the notes for more than half the cases, JAK2 mutation, while some form of thrombotic diathesis, we find in history at 7? 10% of patients. With a diverse history of bleeding seen in 1? 5% of registered patients. Unlike previous years, with a prevalence rate of clinical symptoms in předchorobí, which is very likely due to faster capture the patients in the asymptomatic period. In terms of treatment observed in patients achieve quick responses, but within a year amounts to a lack of response 16.3% of patients. The average dose Thromboreductinu is increasing, but even this group does not exceed an average of 2.38 mg per 24 hours to complications occurring in the first year of treatment in 6.2% of patients, of whom the thrombotic events in about 2.5%, while the (small) signs of bleeding in 4% of cases. The data suggests that it still falls short in one-year horizon at a certain percentage of patients or partial response. Even though the results of treatment in the analyzed data from one year to plead favorably remain in reserve and other adjustments to the intensification of therapy, which helps reveal the Register.

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