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Send any amount to the transparent account of the Medical Association of LF MU:


If you would like to contribute a larger amount to the construction of a dignified resting place for body donors, perhaps on behalf of your company or organisation, we would be grateful for any offers of cooperation. In this case, please contact us individually at spolek@med.muni.cz.

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Generations of medical students have passed, are passing, and will pass through the Anatomical Institute of the Faculty of Medicine. In the course of their studies, they learn about the structure and arrangement of the organ systems of the human body, which would not be possible without the noble decision of voluntary donors who agree to have their bodies used after death to teach future doctors. Anatomical knowledge of the structure of the human body is essential for every physician. Medical students acquire most of this necessary knowledge through the practical teaching of anatomy on embalmed human specimens. Donors give their consent in the form of a donor agreement with the Anatomical Institute.

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Since 2018, the Anatomical Institute of the FM MU has been organizing a commemorative event to thank the body donors. The first two editions of the Pieta took place in the Chapter Hall of the Augustinian Abbey in Old Brno. In 2020, we paid tribute to the donors due to the coronavirus pandemic with a virtual concert and laying of bouquets in the courtyard of the Anatomical Institute. In 2021, the memorial event was held in the hall of the Brothers of Mercy Convent of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God. In 2022, the commemoration was again held at the Augustinian Abbey. After the construction of a memorial to the donors of the bodies at the Central Cemetery in Brno, part of the commemorative event associated with the laying of wreaths and lighting of candles will take place there.

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