Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Medicine MU

Throughout the year 2020 and continuing through this year, intensive preparation of our Faculty’s Strategic Plan for the years 2021-2028 has been underway.

2 Mar 2021

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The preparation of such a fundamental document is overseen in the whole spectrum of our activities. The correctness of our path of the Strategic Plan preparation was proven during the evaluation of the Faculty of Medicine in front the MU Management, when the compliance with the Strategic Plan of the entire University was confirmed.

The Strategic Plan contains thoroughly discussed priorities and goals, which are a consensual intersection for the path of our Faculty’s development. The part of the Strategic Plan regarding priorities and goals tries to detect key areas and, above all, identify areas where our growth, development and the elimination of our weaknesses is possible. The plan also touches on completely new situations, in particular the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU and the incorporation of SIMU into education and thus the incorporation of new forms of teaching. While preparing these goals, the need to define our mission, values and visions, which should become our general guide, arose.


To educate new generations of doctors and medical staff, to share our best knowledge and skills, to participate in new scientific research.


our values are based on respect for humankind and its’ diversity and on our constant task to help improve the conditions for human existence and providing medical treatment for people regardless of their social status, health status or religious beliefs.


  • to be a leader in the field of medical and healthcare education in Central Europe, to be a prestigious place to study and pursue an academic career, to attract the attention of excellent students and academics
  • to be a part of successful scientific teams, to be a place of innovation in education, research and development in the field of medicine
  • to maintain a human level of medicine
  • to be sought-after partners for cooperation with the academic, medical, industrial and public sectors
  • to be active in international networks in the fields of education, science and public administration
  • to be creators and bearers of topics in the field of healthcare and to promote them in regional, national and international policies

At the meeting of FM MU Management on 1st March, the follow-up procedure for the preparation of the Strategic Plan has been approved and we will be happy if you engage in debates on how to achieve the goals and what the expected results shall be. I believe that a jointly set and discussed development strategy is the correct and only way for the Faculty to continue forward in the period of 2021-2028.

Yours sincerely,
Martin Repko

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