The best students awarded the Dean's Prize

The Dean's Prize for the academic year 2023/2024 was awarded on Monday 25 March 2024 from the hands of Dean Martin Repko, Vice-Dean Eva Brichtová and Vice-Dean Lubomír Křivan to a total of 42 students in both Czech and English studies.

26 Mar 2024

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Dean Martin Repko introduced the award ceremony for the Dean's Awards for the academic year 2023/2024 to recognise the "best of the best".This year, twenty students in Czech study programmes received awards in three categories, and two more in English-language programmes.

Fifteen students were awarded for their academic performance, i.e. those who maintained their grade point average up to 1.11 in their graduating year; among them were a couple with a grade point average equal to 1.00. "I try to do all my activities to the fullest because I believe that is the only way they make sense. Of course, studying is no exception to this and it complements the work of a doctor," said one of the winners, Matěj Jakubec, about his academic results. "There is probably no magic advice for studying, but I think that most success comes from the basics, so to speak, i.e. taking care of quality sleep, setting a reasonable study schedule, including free days for rest, and not neglecting sports even when we feel that there is no time left for it."

The Outstanding Scientific Achievement category is for those students who achieve outstanding scientific success and are the first or second author of a scientific article published in an impacted journal in the Q1, Q2 category: Alexandra Mýtniková, who is researching sepsis and septic shock, and David Ondráček, who started his career as a neurologist in the team of Professor Irena Rektorova and was the first author of the paper Electrophysiological and clinical markers of prodromal stages of degenerative diseases. "I like the fact that neuroscience is a very dynamic field that is constantly evolving and there will always be something new to discover," he says of his focus.

The third category, Outstanding Contribution to MU Faculty of Medicine, is for students who have contributed to the development of civil society through public service activities, educational activities, and humanitarian aid or have achieved significant success in culture and sport. Of the twelve nominees, the dean honoured Martin Bartos, the head of the Together Safe project, whose activities last year also included the SafeRUN fundraising event; Alžběta Novotná, now the former president of the Medical Association, for organising the Pieta for Body Donors and related activities; and Tereza Krausová, a third-year midwifery student who, among other things, organises the student section of the Midwives' Union.

Thirteen foreign students also received the Excellence Award for outstanding academic achievements from the Dean, while another nine, who are members of the MIMSA association, were awarded for their exceptional contribution to the Faculty. "I believe that all of them will be great ambassadors of the Faculty of Medicine in the world after graduation," said Associate Professor Lubomír Křivan, Vice Dean for English Studies and Internationalisation. "I would like to thank not only you, but also your teachers who are involved in your teaching and scientific work. Carry on the tradition of Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine in your future practices."

This year, a total of 20 students won the Dean's Award in three categories in Czech study programmes:

The Excellence Award was given to students in English degree programmes in two categories:

We congratulate all the awarded students and wish them every success in their future studies.

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