Launch of the book Data-driven Decision Making in Medical Education and Healthcare

At the 16th MEFANET conference in Košice, Slovakia, the book Data-Driven Decision-Making in Medical Education and Healthcare was officially launched. The book subtitled Data Rulezzz!, summarizes in 18 case studies the findings from the field of healthcare and medical education, which were gathered by a broad team of co-authors from many national and international institutions, headed by Martin Komenda from IBA FM MU.

16 Nov 2023

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Apart from the introductory chapter, the entire publication is structured according to the CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Process for Data Mining) methodology. It aims to provide an overview of selected projects and activities focused on data processing and visualisation across the academic and government sectors.

At the beginning of the launch, Dr. Martin Komenda from the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine, MU (IBA FM MU) summarized the efforts of a broad team of authors that accompanied the creation and finalization of the book. "I would like to thank you very much. This is not just my work. If you flip through it, there are an incredible 80 co-authors." he acknowledged the work of the entire co-author team and the book reviewers with great gratitude and humility.

The official godfather of the monograph, associate professor Daniel Schwarz from the Institute of Simulation Medicine FM MU and the company IBA s.r.o., also spoke at the launch, which was held in a joyful atmosphere. "When the book was being finalised, I had the opportunity to go through it more and follow Martin's thinking. I have known him for a long time, and the whole book is based on the CRISP-DM framework." He said with a smile, adding that this methodology is a great approach to science, teaching and, in general, any activity you want to embrace in a systematic way.

At the end of the whole act, Daniel Schwarz wished the book success with the readers and a happy future: "I launch you, a book that was also made thanks to MEFANET and especially thanks to Dr. Komenda. I wish you to bring information and joy, and to your authors undying fame".

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