Cellular Biology

Vladimír Rotrekl RG: Embryonic and Pluripotent Stem Cell

Key Topics:

  • Genomic stability and metabolism of human pluripotent stem cells
  • Heart failure modeling using pluripotent stem cells

Mgr. Vladimír Rotrekl, Ph.D.

Head of the research group, Vladimír Rotrekl Research Group

Phone: +420 549 49 8002

Stjepan Uldrijan RG: Cancer Biology

Key Topics:

  • Regulation of the p53 tumour suppressor by oncoproteins MDM2 and MDMX
  • Targeted therapy for malignant melanoma

Sabina Ševčíková RG: Monoclonal Gammopathies and their Molecular Origin

Key Topics:

  • Pathogenesis of monoclonal gammopathies, especially multiple myeloma and plasma leukemia
  • Plasma cell leukaemia
  • Liquid biopsies (biopsies of body fluids)

Department of Histology and Embryology

Key Topics:

  • Biology of stem and progenitor cells, application in biomedicine
  • Aspects of pluripotent stem cells with a main focus on genomic stability
  • Modeling neural differentiation in vitro using human pluripotent stem cells
  • Human pluripotent stem cells derived retinal organoids with a special focus on non-coding microRNA and rare disease modeling
  • Translational aspects of stem cells and their derivatives, including the safety issues related to SC stability and developing recommendations for GMP production and quality control of ATMP
  • Development of 3D cell culture platforms, tools to study SC differentiation and communication, methods for bioprinting of SC in hydrogels, and microfluidic systems for long-term 3D culture and studying ex vivo morphogenesis

doc. MVDr. Aleš Hampl, CSc.

Department head, Department of Histology and Embryology

Phone: +420 549 49 3514

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