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Strategic Plan of FM MU

Strategic Plan of FM MU

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University is to educate new generations of doctors and healthcare professionals, to share their best knowledge and skills, and to actively participate in scientific research. Our values are based on respect for human beings in their individual diversity, on our constant task to help improve the conditions for human existence, and on our commitment to provide treatment to people regardless of their social status, health status, or religious beliefs.

Strategic Plan of FM MU 2021–2028

  • Teaching and education in undergraduate studies

    The Faculty of Medicine has been, is, and always will be a professional faculty. Therefore, we take pride in taking maximum care of our undergraduate students, to whom we want to offer an opportunity for quality studies in the upcoming period, not only by contact teaching but also by distance form of teaching. However, quality studies will not be possible without changes in the evaluation of studies, cultivation of studies, and especially increasing the competencies of the lecturers themselves. A unique tool for improving the quality of teaching is the newly opened Simulation Centre, which will enable us to keep up with the world's most powerful trends.

  • Research and doctoral studies

    Doctoral studies and research will be significantly emphasised in the upcoming period. The development of doctoral studies is clearly led at a qualitative level, from the emphasis on the quality of the supervisors themselves, improvement of the socio-economic status of our doctoral students, and involvement in local and global research structures to direct support of international and multidisciplinary grant activities.

    The research activities of the FM MU must then reflect modern trends and carefully monitor social interests. Activities related to the translation of basic research results into clinical practice shall be significantly supported. Proactive search for international partners and ensuring a quality research environment for international junior and senior researchers is an essential way to increase the quality of research at the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Specialisation education

    Providing specialisation education has long been an activity of our faculty. A varied offer is a unique asset that we try to not only keep, but to further qualitatively develop.

  • Internationalisation and international students’ studies

    The international importance of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University is unquestionable, as evidenced by the growing number of international students (self-payers), which has been increasing for many years. However, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU has brought new challenges in connection with the international aspect of the recognition of medical education. Our long-term interest in this context is to at least maintain the existing numbers of students, provide them with adequate education, and ensure the recognition of our education abroad.

    We perceive the emphasis on the visibility of the Faculty of Medicine on a global scale as a great challenge in the upcoming period, especially in the sense of wider involvement in networks of educational and research activities. The attractiveness of the faculty for international academic staff will then be reflected not only in the increasing quality of the research itself but also in the growth of standards of academic culture.

  • Information sources and systems, IT support

    The current situation has clearly shown the necessity and also the limits of full online teaching and administrative operation of the faculty. In the near future, we must be able to develop the functionality of all electronic systems and agendas much more intensively.

  • Management of human resources, management of institutions, administration

    Dynamic development of the faculty is not possible without properly set processes in the field of human resources and financial management. Above all, the area of human resources management is a key area of development for the period of 2021-2028, not only due to the efforts to obtain the HR Excellence Award. The management of FM MU is fundamentally aware of the need for a quality personnel background and a transparent personnel policy, which will be attractive for both junior researchers and already established scientists, but also for clinical staff. An equally important parameter for the further functioning of our faculty will be the maintenance of a leading position in transparent public procurement and the involvement of the faculty in the processes of sustainable development.

  • Academic environment and social role

    The current openness of the faculty to the surrounding environment is one of its great assets. Furthermore, the activity of students and their social involvement is not only extremely beneficial but also generally important. The faculty, together with a deeper sense of belonging, intends not only to develop these activities but to further build on them as well.

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Presentation of FM MU activities

Do you have an interesting topic to publish? Are you preparing an interesting event? We would be happy to publish your suggestions on the FM MU website, social networks and the employee portal. Please use the information in the individual sections or contact us to submit your news or provide your needs.

Posting news on the website and social networks

Do you need to publish an update on the web or promote it on FM MU social networks? Let us know about it using the form.

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Posting an event to the event calendar

Do you need to post an event on the website or promote it on the social media of the FM MU? Let us know about it using the form below.

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Organisation of an event

Planning, organisation and implementation

For the smooth running of events organised by the FM MU, it is important that all the details are planned correctly and well in advance. The Communication and External Relations Office must be informed of all activities regarding the event. Subsequently, in cooperation with the FM MU Visual Presentation Strategy Working Group, it will be decided what character and organisational support the event will receive.

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Important event

  • Strategic meeting

    1 month before the event

    • Guarantor, coordinator, …
    • Schedule
    • Budget
    • Complete list of outputs – defined from Gallery of outputs
    • Organisation (before, during, after), including AVT requirements
  • Approval of the Visual Presentation Strategy Working Group


    Complete package of materials will be approved by the working group

  • Ensuring awareness

    Before, during and after the event

    Ensuring a respectable promotion of the event

    • Website of the FM MU (Communication and External Relations Office)
    • Social networks of the FM MU (Communication and External Relations Office)
    • Screens of UCB (Centre of Information Technologies)

Common event

Use of available templates

  • Website of the FM MU – for employees
  • Request for creation of a new event


  • Guarantor, coordinator, …
  • Ensuring awareness

Announcement of an important award

Have you been awarded or know of someone who has received an award that should be known? Let us know and we will make sure it's known.

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TV screens in the UCB corridors

Do you need to publicise your project or event on the TV screens in the corridors of the Bohunice University Campus?

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Graphic work and other general requirements

Do you need help with graphics, project promotion, or have another requirement? Contact us.

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Why do we emphasize the Unified Visual Style (UVS) at FM MU?

All presentations (outputs) must comply with the Unified Visual Style of Masaryk University, which is an integral part of our faculty's communication. It is a complex and sometimes complicated part of building external and internal relations. Implementation at FM MU has been handled since November 2019 by the FM MU Visual Presentation Strategy Working Group, whose primary goal is to ensure mutual awareness of the implementation and development of the UVS across the academic and non-academic staff of the faculty. Our Communication and External Relations Office then creates the environment for its implementation and guarantees the quality of the outputs produced in accordance with the set university rules.


Gallery of outputs: Get inspired

In cooperation with IBA FM MU, graphic materials and other materials are systematically created in accordance with the unified visual style of MU. To save time, previously prepared outputs can be used for inspiration. Their adaptation for a specific purpose is easy and quick.

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Business cards

Business card is an integral part of the faculty’s presentation in the new Unified Visual Style.

What information do we need?

Please provide information for both languages.

  • Name and surname with titles
  • Role
  • Phone number / cell phone number
  • E-mail
  • Name of the office / department / workplace
  • Building / number of office
  • Address

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E-mail signature

As part of the unified presentation of Masaryk University, a sample e-mail signature has been prepared. Instructions on how to create a signature for the e-mail client can be found on the website šablony.muni.cz

E-mail signature generator

Orientation sign for office door

The office door sign generator is designed for easy production via conventional office printers.

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Professional photo documentation

Contact the Communications and External Relations Office for quality image documentation. Depending on the nature and type of photographs required, a suitable method of acquiring them will be recommended (internal or external commissioning).

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Professional video

Contact the Communications and External Relations Office for a quality recording. Depending on the nature and type of video required (promotional, educational, lecture recording), a suitable method of production (internal or external commissioning) will be recommended.

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New website

Do you need to create a presentation in unified visual style for your workplace, project or event? Contact our colleagues from the Centre of the Bohunice University Campus Administration.


The Umbraco Content Management System and general principles

  • The website requests should always be directed to the e-mail webmaster@med.muni.cz
  • A minimum of one and a maximum of two contact persons for "communication of requirements" from each workplace on the applicant's side
  • A separate Umbraco instance for content management will always be set up for each website
  • Only content that meets the requirements for the presentation of the office/department and with a contribution to the MU and FM MU will be published
  • Continuous efforts to centralise and prevent duplication

The following rules have been set to ensure a logical and understandable arrangement of the websites under the med.muni.cz domain:

Websites od offices and departmeny pracovišť a klinik (XXX.med.muni.cz)

  • Transparently communicate the possibilities of the published content
  • Do not duplicate information available on the main FM MU website
  • Do not present activities that do not benefit FM MU and MU
  • The content of "local" websites must be consistent with the information presented by FM MU as a whole


Websites of projects and events (med.muni.cz/XXX)

  • It is always necessary to consult whether it is really necessary to build your own website - beware of the subsequent unavailability of the site after the expiration of its relevance and usability
  • Distinguish between one-off events and recurring activities


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