A look back at 2021 and future plans in HR Award

What did last year bring and what is in the pipeline for HR Award activities in 2022? The implementation phase of the HR Award Action Plan is in progress, together we have already implemented many important tasks and more are expected this year. Here issummary of what has been achieved and what we will continue to focus on at the Faculty.

31 Jan 2022

In April 2021, FM MU received the HR Excellence Award, which is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions that create and support a professional, open and ethical working environment in a targeted manner, which was an important milestone in the entire process of employee care at the faculty.

The FM MU Personnel Office has been expanded with the addition of an HR Coordinator of education, who prepares and manages the educational offers organised at the Faculty and the University. A training system for dean's staff has been set up, as well as an adaptation process for new employees, including adaptation training. We have published a Handbook for Leaders which contains important information about the agendas of the dean's offices and processes at the Faculty and the University.

We have prepared a Gender Analysis of FM MU and proposals for measures as a basis for the Masaryk University Gender Equality Plan for 2022-2024, which is a condition for participation of our scientists in grant competitions starting this year. We analysed the practice at selected foreign universities and found out how they have set up a system of career paths.

For the evaluation of non-academic employees, we created an application in the IS MU for the evaluation of non academic employees, which in previous years was carried out in paper form using excel forms. We worked on the revision of the remuneration system and drafted new rules for the allocation of personal appraisals.

Mentoring is one of the topics we plan to address in the coming period as part of our training and development. In order to get a good grip on it, we have created a website with basic information about mentoring, together with forms where you can continue to let us know if you are interested in mentoring and in what form it should take.

In cooperation with the MU Rector's Office, we have also worked on the revision of the Selection Procedure Regulations and the redesign of the EVAK application for the evaluation of academic staff.

This year we have the following topics coming up at the Faculty:

At the university level, we will work on revising the MU Code of Ethics and reviewing the status and inclusion of postdocs.

All of these activities continue to take place within 10 thematic Working groups where you can get involved and directly influence the upcoming changes at our Faculty.

Thank you for your activity and support to date and we look forward to continued collaboration.

HR Award team

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