Koevoluční dynamika ve vztahu hořavek a sladkovodních mlžů: srovnání oblasti střední Evropy a Malé Asie


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Title in English Coevolutionary dynamics in relationship between European bitterling and freshwater mussels: comparsion of Central Europe and Pontic region


Year of publication 2010
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Host-parasite relationships are characterized by the rapid evolution of adaptations and counter-adaptations. Hence, the current coevolutionary state between a parasite and its hosts varies according to the history of sympatry. We compared a unique reciprocal coevolutionary relationship of Rhodeus amarus and mussels between areas of recent and ancient sympatry. Bitterling parasitize freshwater mussels by laying their eggs in the gills and, in turn, mussel larvae parasitize the fish. We found that all bitterling from both regions avoided one mussel species. Preferences among other mussel species were related to local mussel abundance. Individual fish were not consistent in their choices. Mussels o have evolved strong defenses to bitterling parasitism in the area of ancient sympatry. Bitterling avoided glochidia infection irrespective of the duration of sympatry.
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