Záněty zevního zvukovodu a středouší, možnosti terapie.

Title in English Ear canal (otitis externa) and middle ear inflammations – diagnosis and therapy.


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Medicína pro praxi
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Keywords external auditory canal inflammation; middle ear inflammation; hearing loss; ear ache; ear secretion
Description Ear pain (earache, otalgia) in one of the common symptoms reffering patients to the ENT specialist. This article deals with earache,as a frequent cause of a GP visit. Although inflammations of the external auditory canal and middle ear are the most commoncauses of otalgia, other etiology including dental, oral and pharyngeal problems must be excluded. Also cervical spine and temporomandibularjoint affections presenting as ear pain (otalgy) can lead to otalgia. The first part of the article focuses on etiology,subjective symptoms and possible forms of acute inflammation of the external auditory canal (otitis externa). Possible risk factorsare also discussed (diabetes, immunodeficiency). Therapeutic approach includes especially local treatment (local antibiotics andcorticosteroids) and systemic medication in the severe course of the disease. Midle ear inflammations (otitis media) is typical forpaediatric population but it can be diagnosed also in adults. It can be accompanied with hearing loss, fever and other systemicsymptoms. Warning signs including peripheral vestibular syndrome (dizziness, nystagmus), haedache and other neurologicalsymptomatology can indicate severe complications when inflammation spreads to the inner ear and intracranial structures. Therole of the GPs and ENT specialist in diagnosis and therapy of the ottic inflammations are discussed.

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