Odhad zátěže kadmiem ze sóje a sójových výrobků u alternativního způsobu stravování

Title in English Estimation of cadmium load from soybeans and soy-based foods for vegetarians


Year of publication 2018
Type Conference abstract
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Description Soybeans and soy products are a significant components of a vegetarian diet. Generally, soy us able to absorb cadmium from the soil and accumulate it in high quantity, primarily in seeds. Vegetarians and vegans as probably the most frequent consumers of soy foods can be exposed to higher cadmium load from these foods than individuals with non-alternative eating. Regular intake of cadmium can lead to its long-term accumulation in human body before clinical manifestations. This research confirmed that vegetarians and vegans are exposed to a significantly higher load of cadmium from soy foods compared to those who eat in a non-alternative way, and a higher intake of cadmium from soy foods in vegans compared to vegetarians. Soy foods that contributed most to the supply of cadmium to vegetarians/vegans soy milk and tempeh. Respondents (n=71) were divided into three groups: vegetarians (n=16), vegans (n=28), and people with non-alternative eating (n=27). Methodology of this study includes laboratory measurements of cadmium content in soy products and dual data collection - a preliminary questionnaire survey in electronic form and a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire with personal assistance.

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