Rehabilitace a preskripce pohybové aktivity u kardiovaskulárních a vybraných interních onemocnění


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Title in English Rehabilitation and physical activity prescription in cardiovascular and selected internal diseases


Year of publication 2022
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Sports Studies

Description This publication brings current scientific knowledge and practical procedures that are based on the author’s and co-author’s clinical practice experience and their long-term professional work results. The publication is unique in its focus exclusively on rehabilitation and physical activity indicated not just in prevention but also as a treatment of cardiovascular diseases and selected internal diseases from the expert (physical activity field) point of view. The introduction chapter describes the position of physical activity in prevention, highlighting its benefits and also the negative effects of its deficiency on human health. The attention is drown to general principles of the physical activity prescription in the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases of mass occurrence. In the following chapters, the topic is being discussed comprehensively and in a systematic sequence starting with the rehabilitation in the acute phase, going through the post-acute treatment of selected cardiovascular diseases, which physiotherapists and physicians come mainly into contact in their clinical practice with, and finishing with the prescription of physical activity once the patient has got into the stable clinical conditions and respecting the risk factors of this particular disease. The methodology of cardiovascular rehabilitation is described in detail and supported by pictures from the clinical practice for the better clarity. In three dedicated chapters there are completely unique topics from the perspective of the current literature availability being discussed. The first chapter deals with the serious complications in cardiac patients in relation to movement disorders caused by the cardioembolic stroke; the most recent knowledge has been included in the therapeutic procedures implementing the use of robotic technologies. The second topic is part of a chapter that addresses the issue of arrhythmias in relation to rehabilitation and physical activity. The topic of the third chapter covers the indication of suitable sports activities to the cardiac patients. The comprehensive concept of this publication does not forget the chapters that deal with internal diseases directly related to the cardiovascular diseases including their risk factors and its affection. Finally, there has been included the serious and highly frequent group of internal medicine diseases - the oncological diseases. Unfortunately, prescription of physical activity throughout this group becomes still a certain taboo nowadays. The current domestic publications are thematically focused either on rehabilitation, or the physical activity prescription only. Such a complex and extensive concept dealing with the professional information in the field of cardiovascular rehabilitation and prescription of physical activity in internal medicine has been presented in the Czech language for the first time. In the clinical practice there is still a lack of interconnection of these areas of expertise, rational physical activity prescriptions often do not follow the rehabilitation and both areas work very often as separate units. Based on these facts, it is our wish that this "locus minoris resistentiae" will be compensated by this publication to the certain extend and the process of physical activity intervention will take place in a continuous form starting with primary prevention followed by the secondary and tertiary prevention. To secure the continuity of this process, it is essential that physiotherapists incorporate the physical activity prescription into their therapeutic procedures by default.

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