Analýza akustického signálu provázejícího ultrazvukovou kavitaci

Title in English Analysis of the acoustic signal accompanying ultrasonic cavitation


Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Sborník abstrakt XXVIII. Dnů lékařské biofyziky
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Keywords Ultrasound; Cavitation; Acoustic noise; Low frequency analysis
Description A new measuring system for low-frequency analysis of acoustic noise produced during ultrasonic cavitation was designed. The signal was sampled and analysed by means of Fast Fourier Transform software. The experiemts were done with distilled water and 5% egg white albumin solution which was an equivalent of the ultrasonic contrast agent Albunex. Onset of cavitation manifests itself by an increase of signal in very low frequency region (0,1 - 2 Hz). Influence of medium viscosity was also studied.

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