Analýza exprese podjednotek NFkB u buněk leukemické linie BM2 metodou qRT-PCR

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Title in English Expression od NFkB subunits in BM2 monoblasts by quantitative real time PCR


Year of publication 2008
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference XII. Pracovní setkání biochemiků a molekulárních biologů. Sborník abstraktů.
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords NFkB; BM2; qRT-PCR
Description Nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB) is transcription factor that participates in immune and inflammatory response, cell growth, differentiation and apoptosis and can be stimulated by stress, cytokines, free radicals, UV radiation or by bacterial and viral antigens. Deregulation of this transcription regulator was found in cancer, autoimmune diseases, septic shock and viral infection. NFkB protein family consists of 5 proteins (subunits): p50 (NFkB1), p52 (NFkB2), c-Rel, RelB and p65 (RelA). Active transcription factor is homo- or heterodimer. We analyzed the expression of NFkB subunits in macrophage differentiation pathway. BM2 cells were treated with either phorbol ester (TPA) or inhibitor of histon-deacetylases trichostatin A (TSA). Using qRT-PCR, we detected decrease of c-Rel, Rel B and p65 subunits after TPA treatment and significant increase of p50, p65 and c-Rel subunits after TSA treatment. The expression profiles can be linked to differential status of BM2 cells.
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