Výskyt infekce u novorozenců SAG pozitivních matek v závislosti na peripartální antibiotické profylaxii a způsobu porodu

Title in English Incidence of infection of newborns of GBS positive mothers in relation to peripartal antibiotic prophylaxis or mode of delivery


Year of publication 2012
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Česká gynekologie
Web http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23521189
Keywords infection, newborn, GBS, SAG, antibiotic profylaxis, screening
Description OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis given to GBS positive women in time of delivery on incidence of infection of their newborns. To find whether is the infection of the newborn correlated with the mode of delivery or with the length of PROM. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. STUDY SAMPLE: Of all 6415 live born newborns born in between May 2010 to April 2011 at Faculty hospital Brno we selected only those whose mothers had positive GBS vaginal cultivation at time of delivery, which meant 1115 newborns. METHODS: We compared the incidence of complications resulting from infection between the newborns divided into groups based on time of administration of antibiotic prophylaxis (adequate, inadequate, none) or by mode of delivery (vaginal, cesarean without PROM, cesarean with PROM). RESULTS: In our 1115 newborns peripartal antibiotic prophylaxis was given adequately in 355 (31.84%) cases, inadequately in 609 (54.62%) cases, none was given in 151 (13.54%) cases. Vaginal delivery was in 869 (77,94%) cases, cesarean delivery with PROM in 146 (13.09%) cases, cesarean delivery without PROM in 100 (8.97%) cases. Complications due to infection was seen in 14 (1.26%) newborns, cultivation confirmation as GBS was in 2 (0.18%) newborns. There were no deaths of newborns according to the infection caused by GBS. CONCLUSION: Due to small amount of cases with GBS infection within our group we could not statistically prove the effect of antibiotic prophylaxis, nor could we associate our results with specific mode of delivery. The results seen in our study show an incidence of early-onset sepsis (regardless of agent) 2.18/1000 live born; invasive GBS sepsis: 0.31/1000 live born; GBS colonization of pregnant women 17.4%.

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