Calls for 2023 launched

The Czech Ministry of Health launched a call for proposals under the Programme for the Support of Applied Health Research for 2020-2026.

Support will be provided to applied research projects (implemented for the sake of new knowledge directed towards a specific, predetermined practical goal and a given application of the results in healthcare). The essential criteria are a clear focus of the result on its use in healthcare, applicability of the result and its clearly demonstrable impact on clinical practice.

The programme is divided into two sub-programmes - the criterion is the age of the researchers:

Sub-programme 1: principle investigator is a natural person engaged in research holding a Ph.D. degree or equivalent at the time of submission of the proposal

Sub-programme 2: principle investigator is a natural person engaged in research, is not more than 35 years old at the year of submission of the proposal and holds a Ph.D. degree or equivalent or will hold a Ph.D. degree no later than at the date of conclusion of the contract/issuance of the project decision. At the same time, the age of the members of the research team (scientific collaborators) is limited to a maximum age of 35 years at the year of submission of the proposal, except for one person who may reach a maximum age of 45 years. The maximum amount of eligible project costs is EUR 7 million.

Application forms are available online in the ISPV application. A user account is required to access this application. If you do not have a user account in ISPV, you need to ask Veronika Weissová to set one up. A condition for submitting a project proposal is to include principle investigator´s and co-investigator´s "ORCID ID", more info here.

Proposal preparation

In case you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact our colleagues from Grant office. Information on the economic part is provided by Eva Vrábelová, on the HR setup by Alena Krejčiříková and Veronika Weissová will advise you on the scientific part and administration. If you plan to purchase investments in the project, please notify Eva Vrábelová by 10th June 2022 at the latest.

Colleagues will continuously check the proposals directly in the ISVP application, so please assign the role of "Editor" in the "Authorized persons" tab to Veronika Weissová after you create the project.

The faculty deadline is 22nd June 2022. Results will be announced in February 2023. Funded projects that succeed in the evaluation process will be addressed starting May 2023.


26th May 2022 (online; 14:00-15:30) Internal seminar for researchers in English clarifying the rules for project submissions, registration here.

Ethics Committee

Please send the documents to the Ethics Committee for comments by email to the Secretary of the Ethics Committee, Michaela Vaňharová, no later than 10th June 2022. Full information and the application form can be found on the Ethics Committee website. The project to be submitted to the Ethics Committee must already be included (in progress) in the ISEP system.

Further information

In addition to the ISVP system, project proposals must be registered in the internal system of MU ISEP - Project Proposal Editor. Veronika Weissová will help you to enter your project into the system. The deadline for entering complete project data into the ISEP and ISVP systems is 22nd June 2022. The approval process at MU Faculty of Medicine follows. After the process is completed, the approved project proposals will be sent to the Czech Health Research Council via the data mailbox. This agenda is handled by Veronika Weissová.


Complete information about the call including the tender documentation can be found on the website of the Czech Health Research Council.

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