GA CR - Calls for 2024 announced

The Czech Science Agency (GA CR) has launched the calls for project proposals for STANDARD projects, JUNIOR STAR, POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP, International and Lead Agency projects.

The Faculty deadline is 29th March 2023. The results will be announced in November this year. Funded projects that succeed in the multi-stage evaluation process will start in 2024.

Proposal preparation

If you are interested in submitting a project, please contact our colleagues from the Grant Office:

The colleagues will continuously check the proposals directly in GRIS, so please assign the role of administrator to the user "supportLFMU" after the proposal is created (GRIS - in the bottom part of the home page of the new proposal, please list the user "podporaLFMU" among the Users and assign him the role "Project Administrator").

PLEASE NOTE - Everything is to be completed in English unless otherwise stated, i.e. the cost justification and section E are also to be completed in English! In case of non-compliance, this is a reason to exclude the project proposal from the evaluation!


Ethics Board

Please send the documents for the Ethics Committee's statement by email to the secretary of the committee Michaela Vanharova no later than 13th March 2023, 12:00. Full information and the application form can be found on the Ethics Board website. The proposal to be submitted to the Ethics Board must already be introduced (in progress) in the ISEP system.

Further information

In addition to GRIS (the official system of GA CR), project proposals must be also registered in the internal MU ISEP system - Project Proposal Editor. Veronika Weissova will assist you with entering your project proposal into this system. The final date for entering complete proposal data into the ISEP and GRIS systems is 29th March 2023. This is followed by an approval process at the Faculty of Medicine MU. After the process is completed, the approved project proposals will be sent to GA CR via databox. This agenda is handled by Veronika Weissova.

Complete information about the call, including the tender documentation, can be found on the website of GACR.


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